Here's The Prettiest Version Of Batman: Arkham Origins

Here's The Prettiest Version of Batman: Arkham Origins

Did you guess it would be the PC version? 'Cause then you'd be right. Well, mostly.

Check out this video by GamesHQMedia, which showcases what Arkham Origins looks like with Nvidia PhysX turned on — most of the additional effects it provides have to do with details like snow, fog, shadows. Small stuff, but small stuff that adds up.


    Whoever did the audio mix needs to remember that the point of it was to hear the speaker, not the music

    This game is still using Unreal Engine 3, so I'm definitely not interested. Just about every game I can think of that's used the Unreal Engine has had some problem in one way or another. Every once in a while the programers can make it work at a passable level, but most of the time it stutters far too frequently, losses frames randomly, and has other issues like texture pop in (which is a shame because the games themselves don't look bad). I'm really hoping Unreal Engine 4 manages to fix up most of it's predecessor's mistakes.

    "So we have this amazing new rendering programs... And we're goona use it to make snow, fog and shadows! GET HYPE PEOPLE!!"

    If it's free and incurred no performance hit, fine. If not, no.

    Shadows in the snow footprints, pff. Just make a fun game.

    Impressive. But the question does it look when he puts his hands in his pockets??

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