Heroes Of Loot Is The Most Retro Game You'll See Today

Pixel art? Check. Chiptunes? Check. Apparent hellish difficulty? Check. Heroes of Loot has all the markings of the definitive retro roguelike. I can even see myself throwing my keyboard across the room.

If you liked the trailer, know that there's a free PC demo you can try here. And if you enjoyed that, you can find the full game for iOS/Android here and here, and for PC/Mac/Linux over here.

Heroes of Loot [Official Website] Heroes of Loot [iTunes] Heroes of Loot [Google Play]


    I thought it was somehow related to Rogue Legacy, since it uses what appears to be the same font for the title, and has similar graphics for non-gameplay elements, as well as the obvious similarities in inspiration.

    Why settle for a homage to real retro games when you can go play.......a real retro game?

    I found it a really fun new take on the mechanic. Couldn't put it down, compared to other classics it is consistently challenging. You don't ever get too powerful. 5 stars for me

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