Hey, Someone's Remaking Space Hulk (The Shooter)

Relic's strategy games were good, but no game has quite felt as true to the Warhammer 40K vibe than 1993's Space Hulk, a first-person shooter based on the board game of the same name. So it's nice to hear that the game's getting a remake.

The new take is called Space Hulk: Deathwing (in the original, you controlled a squad from the Dark Angel's Deathwing company), and is being handled by the guys who did the nutty EYE: Divine Cybermancy.

Not much is known other than the fact it'll be using Unreal Engine 4 and will appear on PC.


    Wait so they are making another one? or is this a very late article for the one that was released last month?

      Space Hulk on steam is a strategy game based on the board game, as far as i understand this is a remake of the original which was a FPS

        Space Hulk time line. 1989, Board Game - 1993,PC FPS - 2013, PC version of Board Game - Now, News of new PC FPS. Anyone remember the Hero Quest board game?

      This would be a remake of the old space hulk game that came out in 1995? so it would be more tactical FPS than turn based strategy (or at least I think it would)

    @chuloopa GET IN HERE
    *sits back and waits*

      I'll comment in his absence.
      The teaser looks OK. It's pretty enough.
      I remember playing the original on win 98.
      The wiki article has some screenshots. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Hulk_(1993_video_game)
      It was actually really fun, and pretty scary because genestealers could jump out from anywhere. And as awesome as terminators are, if those pesky nids appeared one square away from you, you died.
      If they were further away, so you can shoot them, they die.
      Honestly it really wasn't much of a FPS. You had to control a whole squad. From memory there was a tiny bit of twitch FPS when you got attacked, but most of the game was exploring and waiting for something painful to happen. The suspense was pretty good.

      On a side note, between the Space Hulk board game, Eternal Crusade MMO and this, GW is really splashing out with it's IP this year.
      That's quite a change from recent years where they would litigate to hell anyone who even tried to used the same armour colours (exaggeration).
      Seems like they've finally realised that they are sitting on a wealth of digital content.

      Also the best GW games are still the DOW games. Hand's down.
      EDIT: actually Space Marine was pretty good too. Not deep or anything but good mindless fun, good co-op and well executed.

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        you, i like!
        Played the original Space Hulk many years ago, but i was young and didn't know what i was doing AT ALL, so i never got very far...

        It's good to see this franchise spread out like this though, it needs more limelight...
        I concur with DoW though... and i still have a soft spot in my heart for SPAYCE MAUREEN!

          Yeah I would have been 10 or 12 when I played the original. I don't recall ever finishing it.

          I'd be really stoked if they brought out a Necromunda PC game. Especially seeing as though they have discontinued the board game. /sadface

        Space Marine? The 3rd person shooter from a year or 2 back? That didn't have coop did it?

          They came out with a free DLC, Exterminatus... which is coop, but more like Gears of Wars' horde mode coop (survive waves of enemies), not lets-play-through-the-campaign-together coop... still good fun though

            Ahhh I have some vague memory of a horde mode now that you mention it. I'd have preferred campaign

    Well, this should make happy the people who weren't looking for a faithful recreation of the board game, but rather an action shooter set in the board game's universe. :)

    Me, I'm happy with both. So I'm EXTRA happy.

    Great time for warhammer players so many games on the horizon used to be once in a blue moon

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    I'm a whore for GW so I'm sure to get on this - but damn that Termie is walking like he has major chaffing from plasteel thats a bit too tight....or maybe its a lady-terminator??

    And yes I also loved that 1993 version of SpaceHulk - wasnt great but was fun and claustrophobic.

    Still haven't picked up Space Hulk in Steam, but I will.

    Be getting this pretty much day one as well. EYE was weird and unbalanced as shit, but it was a beautiful mess. Like Alpha Protocol, or the first Stalker game. Cannot wait!

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