Hilarious Vine Compilation Will Be The Best 8 Minutes Of Your Day

It really seems like Vine is taking off as a medium — this compilation video by VineCompilations is just the cream of the crop for the month of August. Which is to say, a single month gives us all of this! Amazing.

And remember, this video might be eight minutes long, but each Vine is six seconds long. That's a whole lotta Vines, so even if you find a few of these objectionable, there's still bound to be something in here to make you laugh.

EDIT: you may be getting a server error of some sort on the video? Refreshing fixed it for me; sorry for the tech difficulties.

Best VINES of 2013 Compilation! SEPTEMBER (77 VINES) [VineCompilations via Laughing Squid]


    Patricia, this is Kotaku. Not BuzzFeed or 9gag.

    Last edited 04/09/13 10:54 am

      They won't stop. Kotaku doesn't fire people for not doing their job. Instead they hire more. Initially there was Bashcraft and Luke and now we have around 5-6 troll warriors

        It's not so much trolling as any shred of credibility they ever had, flew out the window with Crecente and Tracey who went over to Polygon. Patricia Hernandez and Plunkett are the absolute worst, even at the tabloidly clickbait Gawker is rapidly turning into.

    Yeah... Im all for pop culture and all on Kotaku, not just gaming
    But this "story" is certainly the front runner for the "Most Inane Story of the Year" award for me

    Not even close, my coffee this morning was the best 8 minutes of the day... and that was before 8:30. im about to go buy Mageknight the board game, so i imagine that will be a highlight... then im getting Paella for lunch... so thats another 8 minutes i will enjoy more.

    That video while out of the 8 minutes about 30 seconds of it was enjoyable, most definitely not the best or even close.

      Where are you getting Paella? I wouldn't mind a good Paella for lunch. That would make my day.

        Brisbane, end of the queen street mall, they have markets on wednesdays.

          Reckon they deliver to Melbourne? I'm yet to find a decent Paella down here that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

            Head over to South Melbourne Market. It's been a while since I've been there, but there used to be a cafe at the front that always had a great big pan of pretty decent paella out the front for not too much cash.

    I got through the first five and then realised I really didn't give a shit.

    I thought that was great!

    So many good laughs in such a quick time. totally worth it.

    I may just not be enlightened but is this really the best and most relevant to Australia news from the US (As per the mission statement on the About page)?

    I use to love the monthly Fail Compilations, but I think the Vine compilations are taking over my lol interest.

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