Star Trek's USS Voyager, Recreated In Minecraft

Holy Cow, It's Star Trek's USS Voyager, Recreated In Minecraft

The things people manage to do in Minecraft never cease to amaze — case in point, this fantastic Star Trek creation by Maravrin — which used original deck plans such that the ship is at a 1:1 scale.

If that initial image doesn't seem impressive, you need to check out some more pictures of this thing — here are a couple of slideshows:

Pretty great, right?

I made a Full Scale Star Trek Voyager. Complete with Deck Plans. Hope you like it. [r/minecraft]


    Pretty nice job. I'm more a fan of the Enterprise D replica someone made years ago though. The other problem is because the blocks are all 1m^3, it makes doing the interiors to scale impossible if you want the exterior to also be to scale.

    All the time spent doing this...They could have just learnt an actual 3d package...

    Creative most is pretty much a must have for things like this, but what does suck about alot of minecraft builders is they use third party programs to 'insta-make' objects in game. They can upload a 3d model and have the program make it IG without so much as placing a brick themselves. Which is whike I'll always prefer the timelapse videos where you actually seethem build it from scratch.

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