Hope You Like Playing F-Zero Until Your Eyeballs Puke

GameCube games can run on a PC. The Oculus Rift works for the PC. What comes next? White knuckles and sick bags.

While the framerate stutters a bit on this particular footage, the fact it's working should give hope - or fear - to F-Zero fans the world over.

If we can't get a new F-Zero game, at least we can play the old one until we throw up all over our pants.

F-Zero GX on Oculus Rift with head tracking [YouTube, via @steishere]


    Playing til your eyeballs puke is the only way to complete the game.

    I get that it can run on the Oculus Rift.

    I don't get the Youtube videos that are posted with every article showing the two screens. Is that just to show that it's possible, or are people with a rift able to view these differently or what?

      Fold a piece of A4 paper twice and sit it horizontally between the two images, and between your two eyes forcing your left eye to only see left image and right eye sees only right.... essentially you must move right up to the screen.

      voila you now see what rift people see
      edit: find a higher quality rift video

      Last edited 25/09/13 10:15 am

      Probably because they're filming the rift's screens inside the unit (hence why the screens are slightly curved) rather than getting the output itself.

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