How Many PS4s Will Sony Sell In Australia? This Bookmaker Will Take That Bet

How Many PS4s Will Sony Sell In Australia? This Bookmaker Will Take That Bet

The PS4 was definitely met with a warmer reception than its Microsoft-constructed counterpart, the Xbox One. But just how popular will it prove to be? If you’re a betting person, one bookmaker is willing to take your cash and potentially give you more of it, if you can correctly guess the number of units the PS4 will sell in Australia in its first 10 days.

MMGN’s Ben Salter caught wind of Sportsbet’s offer, which you can check out for yourself. The precise (and awkward) wording is “How many PS4 will sell in first 10 days” and is accompanied by the disclaimer “Applies to the first 10 days of sale in Aus according to GfK. Bets void if they do not release such exact figures”.

So far, 40,000+ is proving the most popular number, with the odds sitting at $1.25.

Those looking to the history books for an indication, you’ll find the PlayStation 3 shifted over 27,000 back in 2007 during its first 10 days in Australia, though the console didn’t enjoy the warmest reception here. Sportsbet is offering $9 if you think it’ll hit this mark again.

I’m not much of a betting man, outside of the occasional low-stakes game of Texas Hold’em, so throwing your cash at this isn’t something I’d endorse. But hey, it’s your money.

How many PS4 will sell in first 10 days [Sportsbet, via MMGN]


  • I don’t think sony will even get more than 20k consoles into the country. It sounds like they have no stock.

  • yea I made the decision to cancel my Xbox one order and change to a ps4 yesterday and now I’m hearing from EB they wont be getting more till early 2014…

    • Every where in my town is sold out till early or mid next year (depends on the retailer)
      Glad I ordered mine months ago, but went to order another for a friend and had no luck for day 1.

  • I think after people realize that Sonys half assed consoles don’t cut it their sales will grind to a Halt, I’m hoping for an unrealistic uprising from Nintendo haha

  • 27,000 PS3 Consoles @ $999 and currently the PS4 is generating far more buzz this time around.

    Providing stock levels and allocation are sound, that “Over 40,000” figure is a given.

    I’ve heard in the past that the original PSP actually did around 40,000, but that could have been a monthly figure.

  • I find it hard to believe there will be shortages here in Oz. I get Sony are being coy about how many units they’re shipping in, but this entire launch campaign has been all about letting the product speak for itself rather than over promising. In the scheme of things, shipping 60k units into Australia is nothing especially when you will have a competitor on shelf.

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