How To Install GTA V On Xbox 360 Without Hurting Performance

Today, Rockstar support advised Xbox 360 players not to install Grand Theft Auto V's second "play disc" to their hard drives. Doing so, they suggested, would affect performance. The 360 version of GTA V comes on two DVDs. One is an 8GB "install disc" that you must install, and a second one is a "play disc" that you use to play the game. (The PS3 version comes on a single Blu-Ray.) As you can see in this video up top from Digital Foundry, the 360 version with the play disc installed to the hard drive is noticeably laggy compared to the off-disc version. It's not a huge deal, but the lag is present.

Fortunately, the same folks at Digital Foundry have already found a solution: If you want to play GTA V on Xbox 360 without the noise of a spinning DVD, install the first disc on your 360 hard drive like you normally would, then install the play disc to a USB thumb drive. They're sure to point out that your your mileage may vary depending on your thumb drive, but say that the approach made their lag problems go away.

See a demonstration here:


    I never even thought of installing the "play" disc as well.

    Also, there's another way to eliminate disc drive noise during play. Wear headphones.

      Noise was never an issue for me... but even with the 360s and now 360e they are quiet, Jesus people complain a lot over nothing

        You first say noise was never an issue FOR YOU, then complain about people complaining when you don't experience their problem... Do you think? In general?

    Fair enough; the hard disk can only push so much bandwidth but when you have two sources that are not merely the same content you can get more loaded and onto the screen quicker due to the fact that the HDD is not bottlenecking

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      Make sure to use Monster Cables so your HDMI does not become a bottleneck either.

        A moment of silence for our comrades who have fallen to JB Hi-Fi's marketing and upselling...

          I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic dude. No one is really that dumb.

          harvey norman are the ones that push monster cables hard.

        You are making a joke right. I read it as sarcasm but everyone is down voting you for.

        upvoted, the world just doesn't understand you.

          Wow, can't believe I got downvoted on this hahaha.

    so gta 5 is better on the PS3?

      You can't install discs on PS3 can you? If not I don't think there's really a difference.

        My boyfriend had to install GTA V on his PS3.

          You have to install the game on both consoles, but on the Xbox you have an option to also install the play disc on top of that. But apparently it's causing issues, I think Skyrim had similar problems if I remember correctly. I don't think you can copy the play disc I onto a PS3.

        You can install most games, but it's not a built-in feature. The game itself does the install, so it's pretty horrific at times (I think GT5 took an hour??).

    Yeah and let me tell you the effect is impressive - this is hands down the most detailed game I've seen on my 360

    Anyone that thinks the PS3 version trumps the 360 version because of the single Blu-ray Disc is ignorant. The PS3 version only installs the same 8 GB worth of data while it reads the rest off the disc during playtime. Using the USB method on the 360 for disc 2 is a bonus.

    It's weird that there's been no mention of performance of the PSN digital download version which essentially installs all 18GB of GTAV love on a single HDD.

    Regardless I'm impressed by the parity of this release across both platforms after picking up a copy on each and seeing the results for myself.

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      i had to buy on PSN coz my disc drive is screwed. i have noticed a fair bit of pop in, mainly whilst driving at high speeds but its not terrible.

        Not a lot you can do really. The old girls are starting to show their age.

    To begin with I installed both discs to my hdd (like I do with every game) but after reading that on the R* support page I deleted disc 2 the "play" disc and it certainly does make a difference to pop up and texture loading.

    I wish I had installed the game, my disc got scratched. My xbox can still read the game that it is gta v, but it can't read the game files. I'd recommend doing this if you want a backup in case you lose your disc

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