Huge Swords, Dozens Of Monsters And One Awful Haircut

This here is the first teaser trailer for Bound by Flame, the new game by Spiders, the studio responsible for the sci-fi RPG Mars: War Logs. As you can see, this one's a more fantasy-oriented RPG.

In fact, "Fantasy Mars: War Logs without the 'Mars' part" seems to be pretty much correct, with the official description describing the game as directly based on War Logs' combat system, but with magic. This might also mean that Bound by Flame will retain War Logs' point-based skill system and material-based crafting, but publisher Focus Home Interactive didn't reveal anything on those fronts so far.

Bound By Flame hits PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360 early next year. Here's hoping there'll be a barber NPC to cut off that awful bun, ugh.

Bound by Flame: First Teaser [[email protected]]


    I wonder if it will have the same quality of voice acting as Mars War Logs.

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