I Can't Believe Valve Messed With The Chickens In Counter-Strike

What an outrage. Forget Half-Life 3. Truly, Valve spit in the face of their fans yesterday when they introduced changes to the most important part of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: the chickens.

The horrendous changes, as detailed by the patch notes:


- Chicken changes based on pro feedback:

— Reduced chicken sounds dBs and volume.

— Reduced idle clucking rate.

— Reduced range that scares chickens when running.

I can't believe this shit. The chickens were the most important part of the game! jackfrags here understands, and he breaks down exactly why this is such an unforgivable misstep on Valve's part in the video above.

#cluckoffgabe #dontgiveacluck #occupycluck #cluck2013 #cluckingisfreedom

OK, but speaking seriously now: it's not a travesty or anything, but jackfrags is pretty hilarious about the changes in this 'outrage', yeah?

Cluckingate Scandal: Final nail in the CS:GO coffin? [jackfrags]


    The chickens were pretty annoying, especially when you were trying to be stealthy. Killing them with a gun made more noise than anything else, but if you listened closely, the clucking as they ran away was a dead giveaway.

    A pecker like me don't really give a cluck

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    3 changes to the chickens... Half Life 3 confirmed!

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