I Kinda Wish This 'Nintendo 1DS' Were A Real Thing

I Kinda Wish This 'Nintendo 1DS' Were A Real Thing

Don't get too excited — this is fake. But it's one hell of a spoof. A Wii U-like gamepad that can output 3DS games on your phone or TV, with the pad serving as your bottom screen and the TV/phone working as the top display? I'd buy the hell out of that.

Thanks Geek Industries!


    A Wii U-like gamepad that can output 3DS - also known as the new coming 2ds that everyones bagging on?

    I really wish people would stop joking about the 1DS, because that stands for 1 Dual Screen, or if you take the meaning of the 3DS it would actually mean 1 Dimensional Dual Screen, which just sounds freaking stupid.

      I'm with you, dunno why this comment is getting downrated. If you want to make a spoof/satire about something, at least understand what it is you're joking about first.

        I actually enjoy and appreciate the joke/concept of a single screen Nintendo handheld... But to give it an physically incorrect name just boils my blood.

          You mean physically correct name???? It is One Screen of a Dual Screen system as your TV or Phone or Pad would be the 2nd screen therefore FREAKING DUAL SCREENS.

          1DS unit,
          1 Duel screen unit
          1 (screen), Duel screen unit,

          you see, it's still a duel screen device because it needs the second external screen to function, the only debate is the meaning of the 1, which in this case can refer to the singular screen provided.

          if they can imply the second D in 3DS I don't see why they can't use the 1 to refer to the number of screens provided.

            Kids fight with screens these days? Man, I am really out of touch :p

      First off you're dumb. Secondly it connects to another screen meaning ITS STILL FREAKING DUAL SCREENS

    turn it into a NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy emulator with every title for 1-2 bucks and thats one hell of a product

    If Nintendo made a DS with a phone in it, I'd be all over that.

    so the exact same thing as a wii u...for the ds.
    riiiiight, buy the hell out of the wii u did you?

      "f#@k the wii u, it's stupid and under powered. i want a 3ds for my tv."

    See, I never understood why Nintendo didn't just take the 3DS and made that the Wii U controller. It would've made more sense.

    So Nintendo need to put out something to plug onto the Wii U remote that accepts 3ds games. It's got a weird extension port on the bottom that no-one seems to have asked 'what for'? Not going to happen, but just imagine!!!

    haha except for the fact that this is basically a WiiU pretty cool. I'm happy with my 3DSXL to be honest. I suppose if anything I wouldn't mind it in some better colors or something

    I posted an almost identical idea on Reddit last week and got down voted like crazy. At least I came up with a new name for my version.

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