I Like How These Video Game Cars Break

Bugbear are the team behind the Flatout series, which were games built around the idea of smashing cars into scrap. So of course their next project has a great tech demo showing how the video game cars of tomorrow can be smashed into nothingness.

It starts slow, but stick with it. Things get progressively destructive – and nutso – as it goes on.


  • Something about it just seems a little “flakey” to me, almost like its hard body physics but all the panels just explode apart, I personally prefer the BeamNG style

    • with the amount of collisions they have to cater for in a race, i guess beamNG wouldnt be viable. It is more realistic and does look better, though damage is only part of this game, and i guess handling of car is much more important. Good gameplay far outweighs realism, one thing i really hate with gta 5 now, when you smash into cars, you no longer push them out of the way, you instead come to a complete halt, which is annoying when escaping from cops. Ye the physics are real, though sometimes its more fun/less annoying to play with not so perfect physics

    • I don’t think BeamNG is comparable to this, considering this is offering an actual game, while at the moment BeamNG is basically a tech demo. This is going to offer racing and the cars won’t behave like jelly.

      In saying that, I’m thoroughly enjoying BeamNG.

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