I’d Buy This Google Games Console In A Heartbeat

I’d Buy This Google Games Console In A Heartbeat

There’s no such thing as a Google games console. The company has enough on its plate with Android as it is. But if it were to enter the market itself, well, it could do a lot worse than this effort.

Designer Joseph Dumary (whose work we’ve featured previously) has mocked up this console called the Google Nexus Orbit, and while it looks… interesting, the cool stuff comes in how he’s approached the Orbit’s functionality.

Dumary sees it as a true Google machine, leveraging the full range of the company’s products and services. So it supports Google Glass for augmented reality gaming, has built-in Google Translate to help international gamers communicate, syncs with news and weather for updates and can even connect wirelessly with your TV.

If… it was real. Which it’s not, and likely never will be. But hey, we can dream. A console like this, running stock Android with the full Play Store, would be pretty damn great.

I’d Buy This Google Games Console In A Heartbeat

Google Nexus Orbit Console [Coroflot, via Gamefreaks]


  • The thing is, Google could get away with a full digital distribution console (like Xbox one wanted to be) without enraging a large number of gamers.

    They’re in a pretty good position to pull it off (with more and better resources than Ouya).

  • Except it would have the same problem the Ouya has, which is it’s support for console-quality games (currently at least) is minimal.

    • I’d dissagree, the Ouya’s problem is that they dont have the Google Play store on it. The manufacturers talked all high and mighty, but they are just as profit hungry as any other publisher, and have no competition (other than side loading). When the idea was to produce hardware running android it was cool, there are a lot of great games on the Play store that support controllers. but instead they only wanted their own store, and, well, the developers can’t be bothered meeting their rules… and even when they can, whould you rather pay for a game that can only be used on your Ouya, or one that can be used on any other android device.

      If you want the Ouya to sell you need to put the Play store on it, and get Google (and the developers) to support syncing of saves.

      This is where a true Google console could rock. Imagine playing a game via touch screen on the bus, getting home and haveing it sync the save to a console so you could pick up where you left off on the big screen, and having it sync so you could continue on the bus the next morning. If google could organise that, I think they’d be a serious thorn in the side of Sony and Nintendo (as suddenly your android phone is way better then a 3DS or Vita).

  • “Ugh, OUYA is the worst, why would anyone buy a console that only plays mobile games?”
    “I would totally buy this hypothetical Google console that only plays mobile games.”


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