If Super Metroid And Dark Souls Had A Baby It Might Look Like Ghost Song

The influence of Super Metroid looms large in gaming, but I can't remember playing a really well made Super Metroid style game since Shadow Complex. I want another. That's where Ghost Song comes in. Game developer Matt White got so tired of waiting for Nintendo to make another 2D Metroid game he decided to make his own.

Like many indie efforts, Ghost Song started life as a flash game. The more ideas that Matt threw into the mix the further it pushed the flash format. Eventually it could be pushed no more. That's when the Kickstarter um... kickstarted.

So now there's a Kickstarter. Matt was looking for a measly $15,000 for the project, mainly to help get production across the line and justify getting a programmer on board to let Matt focus on art and design, but with only two days left to go, Matt's received over $40,000 in donations. Yep, like myself, people really want another Metroidvania game to play.

You could argue it's derivative, but I love the concept. In his description Matt discusses Metroid, obviously, but Ghost Song is also inspired by Dark Souls, particularly that game's structure. He says that Ghost Song won't necessarily be punishingly difficult, but it won't lead you be the hand either. Whole sections of the map are hidden, much like sections of Dark Souls, and players will have to earn their progress.

I'm already sold. I'm a Metroid fan and I love Dark Souls, but I love the little additions Ghost Song has made to combat. The 'Ghost Dash' appears to be pivotal and lets players slide past enemies, charge up their weapon, and unleash with greater power than before. As you'll see in the gameplay demonstration above, it adds a little bit of strategy into the combat.

The story centres around a crash on a mysterious moon dense with history and lore. Many have tried to colonise the moon, many have perished in the process and echos of these endeavours lie hidden at every turn — hence the name Ghost Song.

Very curious to see how this all turns out. More information can be found at the game's Kickstarter page.


    I am worried that Nintendo is going to step in at some point and say "Hey you stop that" and all those funds are going to disappear.

      Nintendo cannot just step in and "stop him". If he was using Metroid in the title, using the same enemies, map layout or artwork from the Metroid series, then yes. But this is just a metroid themed game. Which is just a 2D platformer really.

      Last edited 04/09/13 9:38 am

        Did you watch the video?

        The door mechanisms are practically the same, they don't look different at all.

        Most of the enemies look exactly like the ones from Super Metroid, just shiner.

        The landscape also looks very similar to Super Metroid as well.

        The only part i have seen that differentiates it's self from Super Metroid is the design of the main character (and he/she only looks slightly different) the companion to the main character and the girl in the white dress.

        I am all for them making a Metroid type game, but try to capture the feel of the game rather than how it looks.

        Anyway it's up to Nintendo if they feel they need to pursue this and if they do i feel sorry for all the people who backed it because in all likelihood they probably won't get there money back.

    Nintendo should be hiring this guy.

    Nevermind, (is there no delete option?)

    Last edited 03/09/13 6:01 pm

    I want a Vita or 3DS version!

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