New Call Of Duty Trailer Starts Off In Outer Space

In the latest singleplayer campaign trailer released today from Activision and Infinity Ward, Call of Duty takes you into the sky. Like, way, way into the sky. The entire intro of this latest trailer takes place in space, which isn't the typical grey and brown terrain we're all too familiar with.

And, of course, there are many glimpses of the famous, furry Call of Duty dog we're all so taken by. Including an in-air helicopter scene where he's dangling precariously, which I've typically seen reserved for stunts involving humans catching one another in dramatic slow-mo.


    I've always enjoyed Infinity Ward's campaigns, and this is looking rather fun.
    Treyarch campaigns suck, too much yelling and not enough story.

      I agree and disagree. For me, IW campaigns are a blast because the narrative is simple, and the pace never stops. Treyarch throws in too much melodrama and poorly written suspense. Multiplayer is pretty even though.

    I can't believe they killed Commander Shepard at 1:10! >:-(

    I thought it was cool when I saw all the tanks, jets and choppers...

    Then I remembered it's COD, and you probably won't really get to properly control any of that stuff.

      Man, i might go and replay that jet level from Black Ops 2. It was so horrible hahahaha

    First I wondered if they'd accurately simulate the effects of gravity/zero gravity on the space combat... then my concentration was thrown off by that stupid 'A man who loves his country...' line.

    Who the hell wrote that?

      The Cod franchise is all about heavy-handed patriotism and fetishising the US Military. I'll never forget seeing that "Tree of Liberty" quote the first time during a loading screen and laughing my ass off. Neckbeards aren't going to 'oora! themselves you know.

      Last edited 11/09/13 6:39 pm

    "A man who truly loves his country doesn't just give his life, but also the life of his son's?"

    Jesus that's some jingoistic bullshit right there.

    I'm gonna put this out there, but I think this trailer will be better then the game.

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