Imagine If Skyrim Had Better Combat...

Once was a time, when you play games like Hexen and Heretic, that first-person shooters weren't always about shooting. Sometimes, they could be about throwin' fireballs and castin' spells. Lichdom is a return to those times, and a good-looking one at that.

Though billed as an "action adventure", and with RPG elements up to its eyeballs, Lichdom looks from this trailer to really be emphasising the action part of that genre.

Being put together by a relatively small team, it's using Crytek's CryEngine, and will be out on PC next year.


    I don't see any gameplay difference from this to Skyrim?

      It's ok to admit being blind :P The effects + animations + overall quality maybe?

        Gameplay. Not effects. It looks a little prettier; mind you not prettier than when you add the right MODs to Skyrim anyway. Combat gameplay is still the same.

    Really doesn't look that great at all.

    My god . double post once again. PLUNKETT READ YOUR OWN WEBSITE TO SEE IF ITS ALREADY BEEN POSTED. Would you like a tutorial on how to use the internet? Somebody sign me up. Apparently it takes no skills to be a reporter these days..

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