Imagine Wind Waker Had Flying, Instead Of Sailing...

I normally don't like making such crude comparisons between games, but given the character design in Aer — and the fact I only just played Wind Waker again — I can't help it. Don't worry. It's a very, very good thing.

This is a "proof of concept trailer" for Aer. Swedish developers forgotten key say "Everything is subject to change". Pity. I hope very little changes, going by how beautiful this clip is.

Aer [forgotten key]


    ummm legend of zelda skyward sword? pretty much lets you fly around and land on small floating islands...if thats what you're after

      Exactly this. Wind Waker with flying is no longer Wind Waker anyway.

    Had Skyward Sword actually been like this, (focus on traveling island to island WW style but in the air, as opposed to dropping down to the ground world), it would have actually made for a very poor game imo. Navigating 3D space is difficult (if it wasn't, there'd be a lot more pilots lol), and especially hard to implement in a game without pissing players off. It's why 3D swimming is done so sparingly, and such sections are often the least "fun". Granted there are exceptions, if islands were spaced as far away as they were in WW, then imagine the frustration trying to make sure you've got all 3 directional axes correct?

    3D navigation done right? Mario Galaxy (I may actually be wrong on this. Memory tricked me into believing Galaxy had 3D space navigation now that I went and watched some vids... lol). Difference between flying and crossing areas on boat/horse as a travel mechanic? The ability to sit back and enjoy the scenery til your destination, which is the real draw of most free style exploration games imo.

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    With a polygon count that low, it should be able to render at a million frames per second! I like it as the art style though

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