PS Vita Gets Brand New 64GB Memory Card In Japan

In Japan, the Vita is Getting a Brand New 64GB Memory Card

Today, Sony announced a new 64GB model for its line of PlayStation Vita SD cards. The 64GB model will retail at a price of ¥10,479 — roughly $105. It will be available in Japan starting October 10.

The company also revealed that starting tomorrow, it would be selling its existing Vita memory card models at a reduced price in Japan, with the 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models getting price cuts of roughly 30 per cent, 35 per cent, 28 per cent and 28.5 per cent, respectively. This follows Sony's similar decision last month to cut memory card prices in the West.

There's been no word so far on whether the 64GB memory card would be available outside of Japan.


    Anyone know what the 32Gb card is going for in AU right now?

      JB has it for $84 and I would have a guess and say EB would be roughly the same

      EB Games = $83

        Hmmm... thats seems "reasonable" - that Big In Japan sale is tempting, but with no storage space left thanks to PS+, this seems right - and a good time to pick up a $50PSN card

    do want... my 16gb is constantly full :(

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