The 2DS Actually Looks Pretty Sexy In These Colours

In These Colours, The 2DS Actually Looks Pretty Sexy

Looking at these mock-ups of the 2DS by MYE, I can't help but wonder if the reaction to the handheld would have been different had these actually been the colours that Nintendo unveiled the 2DS with.

I mean, I can't be the only one that looks at these and thinks they actually make the 2DS look excellent, right? It's funny how much a simple colour swap makes a difference, even if the design stays the same!

Heck, look at this mock-up of a Game Boy-themed by MisterHero. It's also excellent and makes me want a 2DS.

In These Colours, The 2DS Actually Looks Pretty Sexy

Alas, for now we only have black/red and black/blue...unless you're in Europe. In that case you can choose white/red. Lucky bastards!

Multi-coloured and Game Boy 2DSes [Tiny Cartridge]


    Nope. Still ugly.

    Can anyone explain the reasoning behind Nintendo's adamance concerning region exclusivity with console colours? Gold Wii Nunchuck, a whole host of Pokémon 3/DS designs, and I'm sure much more are locked to Japan. That I can understand, but why Western countries don't all share the same colours is beyond me.

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      Limited edition console colours are guaranteed to sell in Japan. They're worth the slightly higher production costs for making a new coloured model because they'll all sell with ease. In other countries it's harder to guarantee that they'll sell as well and so the risk isn't taken.

      Profit. When the colours one region has had a year gets released in the other, its sold for 20-40 dollars more than the colour thats been out for ages.

    Sexy? These are being marketed towards seven year olds you creep

      Using a common idiomatic term to describe aesthetics of a non-gendered and non-sexualised object? Paedophilia!

    Anything that makes me feel like I'm buying a late 90's iMac is alright by me.

    I was wondering if it was being made to accent the WiiU like the MS Glass and Vita connectivity to their respective consoles. Meh, you know they just moved another million of em with the colours

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