In This, The Year Of...

Apple announced a bunch of new iPhones today, but this is the Year of Luigi. We deserve better. We deserve this.


    We deserve a cheap plastic case with Luigi's likeness stuck on the back that will be charged at $20-30?

    Ah, but this is Australia! So thanks to the Australia Tax, that's more like $39.

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    What a detailed, well written necessary and helpful article.

    Just a note for Kotaku writers (even though I know they don't give a shit about what any of the readers think), next time you feel like posting a mostly irrelevant article at least give it some detail.
    Don't just post a picture followed by 'hey, look at this.' There are other sites like Twitter and instagram for that shit, not a 'news' website.

      Yes and it wasn't a playstation article or raving about how good Sony is for once well done kotaku well done

    So, i believe it has come to the point, where all apple owners need to look at their phone and decide. Is this tether to itunes really worth staying with a company that wants to trick you into buying the NEW PHONE, even though its worse then last years model?

    If its not itunes... why stay?

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