Incredible Star Wars Cosplay Tears All Other Cosplay's Arms Off

Remember earlier this year when reader Julian Checkley showed us his Darth Malgus costume? As jaw-dropping as it was, this beats it.

This Tarfful suit is actually older than the Malgus outfit, but Julian's only just put a video together showing how it all works.

Taking over three months to build, it stands a whopping 8'2", meaning he has to wear stilts to even reach the head. He's also built a soundboard into the jaw, so that whenever Tarfful opens his mouth, wookiee noises come out.

To put this in context, this isn't a film set. Julian doesn't work for Lucasfilm. He's just a cosplayer, and built this whole thing himself.



    Jaw on the floor... Awesome :D

      Oh also I dunno if it's better than the other cosplay, a bit hard comparing the two I think.

    So awesome - even the odd walking style caused by the stilts don't detract - and kind of emphasise just how tall this thing is.

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