Come For The Awful Interview, Stay For The Shiny New Infamous Footage

"Meet my friend," [newscaster points at Kratos' thigh] "'God of War!'" Wait, don't close the player! If you gird your loins, you'll see gameplay footage of Infamous: Second Son. And, thank God, the game looks great.

Yes, even when you allow for the fact that this segment is aimed at people who don't live and breathe video games everyday, this Fox Business spotlight on the PS4 is absolutely dreadful. But it's worth it to see Second Son running in real-time. Despite the fact that it's shot off another TV screen, the massive destructibility, snappy animation and Delsin's combat moveset all look impressive. Pro tip: the Infamous playthrough starts at 01:00 and ends at about 04:12 so you don't need to sit through the whole painful segment.

Come For The Awful Interview, Stay For The Shiny New Infamous Footage

And, in the name of all that's holy, why is a person in a Ratchet suit just standing there? Ahhh! It moved!



      Yea I'm failing to see what is new about that footage, it seems to be the same level they showed at E3, it even ends at the same point with the 'orbital drop' power.

        Who cares. It looks fantastic!

          Hell yea it does! Every time I see it mentioned I get excited then sad because ITS NOT OUT TILL NEXT YEAR! WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY?!?!?!?!

    "You cannot believe what is happening here as they prepare for the launch, November 15th, of Playstation 4..." - spoken as she walks through a seemingly empty building.

    No, I really don't believe it - where is everybody? Did they flee in terror?

      "Oh god its going to be a horrible news segment.... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES"

    "...He's going to show us a game that isn't even on the market yet!" You don't say lady?

    "Sowny is hoping its next pwaystation consaw will scaw bigtime!"

    Speech impediment? Or just really uninterested?

    Last edited 13/09/13 6:54 pm

      I went from thinking she was American, to having a strong Swedish accent, to having a stroke and back to American

    I don't think it was that bad. There's definitely been much much worse. I thought she asked sensible questions that a non-/casual gamer would want to know. It's all a bit of fun.

      yeah I agree. I thought she was pretty focused for a news presenter that had no real idea on the subject. Heck her questioning on MS launching at the same time and $1 vs $60 games showed some un Fox News like research.

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