Infinity Blade Developer: The Power Of The iPhone 5S ‘Was Shocking To Me’

Infinity Blade Developer: The Power Of The iPhone 5S ‘Was Shocking To Me’

The previously bulletproof branding of the iPhone seems to be under assault at the moment: people are complaining about the design, the OS and — in general — it feels like more and more people are thinking about switching to Android phones. But, in terms of raw technology, just how grand a leap is the iPhone 5S? According to Donald Mustard, the creator of goto mobile gaming powerhouse Infinity Blade, the jump is massive.

“I’m not going to mince words here,” he told Polygon. “It was very shocking to me.”

According to Donald, he and his team threw everything at the new Infinity Blade — anti aliasing, bloom effects, the whole gamut — and the iPhone 5S took everything in its stride despite the fact that one of the characters had four times the polygon count of any character they had ever worked with, including characters in Gears of War.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” he said. “I’m holding this device they’ve handed us. I’m, like, looking for extra wires or something. I couldn’t believe that it was real.”

Obviously Donald Mustard has an interest in talking up the iPhone 5s and, by extension, Infinity Blade 3, but it is a testament to just how fast technology is moving that a game like Infinity Blade 3 can exist on mobile phones. When you combine this tech with iOS 7’s controller support, Apple could really begin to push the gaming side of the iPhone more than before. That’s an exciting prospect.

Chair co-founder on Infinity Blade 3 and the iPhone 5S ‘sea change’ [Polygon]


  • Not with a 4 inch screen, IMO. Although I’m impressed with the 64bit processor move. Seems they’re doing a lot to the guts of their phones lately which is great but all I hear are complaints about the aesthetics not changing and people attributing that to Jobs’ death. Then people say the company is going downhill because of that? Smh.

    Moral of the story: figureheads are important when it comes to ‘fashionable’ tech.

  • Mobile technology is freaking magical. I still get moment’s of “how is this real?” when I’m using an ipad. Streaming movies, playing Grand Theft Auto 3 / Knight of the Old Republic and then having a skype call with my Mum in another country, all while lying in bed holding a thin screen straight out of Star Trek.

    • It’s crazy when you think about it. The other day I was contemplating how amazing it is that I can take this tiny device out of my pocket and communicate with a person on the other side of the planet. In virtually real time.

      If you take a step back and consider what’s happening, it’s just friggan amazing.

      • Having current experience with such things, let me say that the technology to speak with someone on the other side of the world is still very much flawed haha.

        • Flawed or not, it’s bloody amazing. If you had asked me if it was possible to call friends and family overseas from a device I could hold in my pocket 20 years ago, I’d have called you crazy.

  • Interesting.

    I was having a debate as to whether the iPhone 5S could run Halo. I reckon it could do it hands down. Now I’m wondering if it can even do Halo 3. Perhaps? Hypothetically I mean.

  • Apple have built their castle on spec-sheets not mattering. Watching them try to sell the iPhone 5S on specs is going to be hilarious. They have trained their audience very well not to care.

    Also, Infinity Blade dude, it’s a 4 inch screen.

    • Except that’s exactly because specs DON’T matter, when it comes right to it. Apple designs the OS alongside the hardware and as a result they can optimise both to work perfectly for each other regardless of the phone’s specs. To say the iPhone is slow would be stupid, it’s fast, and though it may not be as fast as some Android phones, that doesn’t matter, because it’s optimised to work with specific software and apps are designed specifically for it. This is the benefit of a closed ecosystem.

      As far as camera specs, people haven’t really caught on yet that 8mp is more than enough for decent photos, you don’t WANT a 20mp camera unless you want to blow something up to an A3 or A2 sized sheet of paper, and noone taking photos with their phone is going to want to do that. So instead they improve the other aspects of the camera to result in better photos, which is an absolutely viable and largely ignored option.

    • Well the iPhone 5 has 1GB of RAM and TBH since the iPhones all store data on a flash chip which is directly accessed rather than being accessed through a USB or SATA interface they basically can run the flash chip as more RAM anyway.

  • Man the negativity drives me nuts. It more than likely has 1gb RAM. Doesn’t seem to trouble it though, according to a game dev who’s job it is to test these things out. 4″ screen is a problem but, what, a 6 inch screen is fine? 6 inch is no good for a true gaming experience either. 10 inch doesn’t cut it. These things can wireless stream to your HD TV right now. Apple TV or Chromecast. Is 42 inches big enough? How about 80 inches? These phones are throwing around enough pixels these days to look great at huge sizes. Want a controller? Use one. True of iOS or android. This isn’t android vs iOS, this is showing what is just around the corner. Guarantee the next round of android releases will match and/or best these specs. In 12 months we will double again. Maybe even throw in some more RAM for you.

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