Introducing PS Vita…TV

Introducing PS Vita…TV

Today in Tokyo, Sony introduced PS Vita TV. It is a six centimeter by 10 centimeter device, making it one small piece of PlayStation hardware.

It will allow you to enjoy video and network streaming services on your TV, such as Hulu,, Tsutaya TV, and NicoNico Douga. Of course, you can also access the PlayStation Store.

Outfitted with a PS Vita card slot, it also allows PS Vita TV owners to play Vita games on, well, their TV. They don’t even need a Vita — just Vita games, this PS Vita TV hardware, and a DualShock 3. Oh, and a TV!

However, as this Sony release notes, not all PS Vita games can be used with PS Vita TV. The reason being is that the PS Vita has an array of command inputs (touch screen, rear touch pad, mic, camera, etc.) that the DualShock 3 does not.

According to Sony, over a hundred PS Vita games can be played via the PS Vita TV. Over six hundred PSP digital games and over six hundred PlayStation 1 and PC Engine games can be played through PS Vita TV.

In the future, you will be able to use it to stream PS4 games on another television in your house via Remote Play. You can see this in action in the clip below.

PS Vita TV launches in Japan on November 14 for 9,954 yen (plus tax) or $US100. There will also be a bundle that comes with a DualShock 3 controller; it’s priced at 14,994 (plus tax), which is $US150. No word yet about an international release.

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  • OK, so I can play vita games on my TV – Or I could play my PS3/PS4 PC instead and save handheld gaming for my handheld.
    But, I can play PS4 games on my TV via the Vita – Or I could use my PS4
    But I could watch streaming TV via netflix on my VITA – Or I could watch them on my 100 inch TV instead

    Dunno – don’t really see the point? Might be good for kids, or people with kids..

    • Or it’s a $100 box that lets you play Vita games on a big TV, access PSP and PSX games, and stream from your PS4 to another TV in the house – or over the internet – natively.

      As in, a cheap unified PS access point.

      • I agree, plus why would Sony engineer a small set top box from scratch when it was already producing it… Oh and it can play the games you already own. It’s all about buying into the Playstation ecosystem. It’s a master stroke.

    • I actually really like the sounds of this. I’d seriously consider something similar for the 3DS, which has some great looking exclusives, but I’m not that into handhelds.

  • How does it handle touch controls for the touchscreen and rear touchpad, and motion controls from the gyroscope…?

    • The Dual Shock 3 has a Gyroscope built in, but a very good point about the touch screen controls. Be interesting to see how they handle that.

      • This is true, but it could be a little weird, the reason it works on the Vita is because you’re moving the screen along with the device, everything stays relative. Take the screen out of the device you rotate and things lose context and feel weirder.

      • Then what’s the point…? The whole reason the touchscreen controls work is because you’re looking at the screen you’re touching. Same with the rear touchpad, everything is in a relative place to the effect it will take onscreen. Slapping the image you’re supposed to be touching on a TV removes all sense of dimension, and the only way to solve this is to have the PS Vita display the image too. But then you’re looking at a Vita screen and playing a Vita game, and you might as well just be using the Vita.

    • Supports Vita and DS4 as controllers. So for games where touch is essential, you could use those – but a lot don’t need touch.

    • There will be DS4 support when PS4 comes out, but it does mean only one touchpad can be accessed at a time. Then again, how many games use both touchpads at the same time?

  • I think this is a great for movies and games. As I travel a lot for my job and some times I could be at a different hotel every 2nd night. So traveling light is the key.

  • If I can just take my PSVita memory cards that I’ve saved all my downloaded games on and just play them straight on this device with all my game progress saves working straight off, that will certainly be a game changer. If on the other hand they just mean that you can play game cards on it, that will suck.

    • hopefully it’ll let you download your PS plus cloud saves onto it? then you can go from your vita to the tv way easier.

      • Good point. I just figure with game saves being embedded into the game files it should be all transfer over if the memory cards are good to go.

  • I have a kid…. and I will have a kid and a PS4, this is a very cheap way to let him game in his bedroom and keep the PS4 in the living room. Sony just won this generation.

    • Dude…..yes. I agree totally. Game changer.

      I have two main TVs/living areas and you can always be sure the console is plugged into the wrong one when I get a chance to play.

  • I like it most for streaming PS4 to another TV. It seems pretty niche, but it should still be profitable for Sony

    • exactly… this could save me buying a second ps4… as well as being able to play vita games on a bigger screen… win win in my opinion as long as its not stupidly priced over here (if it makes it here)

  • I was just thinking about how to stream my ps3/ps4 to the second tv in my bedroom. It’s like sony’s been reading my mind!

  • Why are they just talking about plugging it into a TV – can’t it be plugged into a monitor?

    • As long as it’s HDMI compatible I don’t see why not. The big three don’t really talk about how their consoles can be plugged into monitors ever but I’ve regularly used my PS3 and 360 with my monitor.

      • Seems a bit silly not to mention it can be used with a TV or monitor. How many of us have our own PC / monitor set-ups.

        Also, the current or new Vita model doesn’t have HDMI out? That’s a bit annoying.

        Also, Vita TV will work with dual shock 3 – will it also work with dual shock 4? It should do – and maybe once it does games like Uncharted will work all of a sudden. That would make sense.

  • I’m really excited about this. I’m not a fan of handheld devices at all, thats why i never bought one… but the games on it are pretty awesome so I’m really looking forward to picking this one up.

  • If this is like a WDTV or Apple TV that can play PS Vita games, and costs about the same, I’m in!

    Time to start “activating” all those PS Vita games on PS+

    • Don’t forget streaming your ps4 games from the console!!

      I’m over Apple TV and the shit house support Apple give it. I mean seriously, Dolby digital only works when it wants to.

    • yeah it is weird that this will let you stream and play every PlayStation game (ie PSX,3,4, PSP, Vita) bit not PS2.
      If they get the Vita OS emulating PS2 games then I think I will explode with glee.

  • I like the concept of the small box to hook up with the TV, (could be good for a good car setup lol)

    and the price is nice for people that dont have alot of cash

  • I’m actually interested in this. I prefer games on the big screen and there are some Vita exclusives I might be interested in playing.

  • I don’t really “get” it, since I have one room and one TV and a PS3 and a Vita already. But it’s not for me, so… hope people enjoy it, I guess? More people using the online services of PSN and getting into Vita gaming the better, hopefully it feeds back in and provides me with better services too I guess 😛

  • Definitely will be picking one of these up. Can keep the PS3/4 in the living room with the TV, but if my wife is using the TV, just play on one of my PC monitors in the study instead.

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