JRPGs Were Twerking Before It Was Cool

Forget Miley Cyrus — before the pop star’s inane VMA performance made national headlines and got “twerking” added to the dictionary, Mother 3‘s Wess was shaking it like the best of them. The ageing ninja had to do the twerk-filled Osohe Dance in order to open two doors in the Osohe Castle in Nintendo’s GBA role-playing game, which never officially made it to the United States (although fans have translated it to English).

In other words, Mother 3 was twerking before it was cool. Really, the Mother series has always had its finger on the pulse of pop culture trends, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Miley stole her moves (and possibly songs?) from Mother 3. Soon, Pinkberry will sell trout-flavoured yoghurt.

Thanks Karen!


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