Justin Bieber Posted A Batman Vs Superman Script. Trolling…Right?

Justin Bieber Posted A Batman Vs Superman Script. Trolling…Right?

Instagrammed something most unsettling today: a script that suggests he may be auditioning for the role of Robin in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs Superman movie.


While I have no strong feelings about this, I imagine that if that’s a real script (how likely is that, really?), many people wouldn’t be so happy about Bieber actually nabbing the role. In fact, some folk around the web seem kind of upset at the idea. But wait a second! Bieber tweeted this earlier today, too:

Off to do something funny or…die 🙂
— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) September 13, 2013

Could be unrelated; maybe he’s just also doing some Funny or Die gag. Could be completely related, and this is the Funny or Die gag. For now I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you with the possibility (however slim) that the future may hold a movie that has Ben Affleck cast as Batman, and Justin Bieber cast as Robin.

I’m sorry.

And if this does turn out to be just a prank (the most likely scenario here, I would think) — damn, Biebs. Good job at trolling the internet!

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