Kids Buy GTA V, Help Save Man From Burning House

Kids Buy GTA V, Help Save Man From Burning House

Two brothers, aged 17 and 16, were out late last night in Toronto picking up Grand Theft Auto V. That should have been the most exciting thing of the night, but nope. They had to go and help save an old man’s life on the way home.

Returning from the store with their game, the pair came across a house on fire, with a 70 year-old man trapped inside. They called 911, then bust down his front door to try and save the occupant. The flames forced them back outside, however they had made the emergency call fast enough that the fire brigade got there in time to rescue the man.

Well done, gents. Hope the game was a little less dangerous.

Teen brothers break down door in Richmond Hill fire rescue [BT]


    • Pfft nah. How about…

      Followed by an article that basically says every gamer is automatically heroic cause games teach you to be the awesome protagonist

    • Lol gold – I was going to say they hadn’t had a chance to play the game yet, so they were obviously still good kids – would have been a different story if they had already played the game and been turned evil like all people who play this game and every other video games are.

      Kill it because we don’t understand it!!!

    • I’m only 28 and I already think of 18 year olds as “kids.” Just a matter of perspective I guess. I mean I’m the youngest of 3 kids, and I know my parents will still refer to us as such even though we’re all adults now 😛

      • Yeah but for accuracy you really might as well have the article be “Teenagers buy GTA V, Help Save Man From Burning House.”

          • Plus the word “teenagers” generally conjures up images of rebellious trouble makers while “kids” gives more of a pure and innocent impression.

  • Obviously they learned that from the similar mission in GTA San Andreas where CJ has to save that lady.

    Because all things are learned from videogames.

  • Maybe they would have gotten there faster and stopped the fire altogether if they weren’t wasting time buying the video game to begin with. #foxnews

    • Luckily, having only just purchased the murder simulator and not played it yet, their innocent minds were not corrupted by it’s evil powers. #foxnews

  • Me and a mate went to a midnight launch for GTA IV and on the way home suddenly had to go pick up his sister and rush her to hospital with a broken leg, THEN had to hold up a main road and call police on a lunatic who was walking into traffic…. you’d better believe we played the hell out of that game when we finally got home.

  • A tad off-topic, but an idle thought… We need some sort of compelling simulator to teach us about proper thermodynamics as relates to burning buildings. The warning signs of hot doors, the reasons behind what causes a backdraft and why it is bad and to be avoided, the importance of staying low, and the lethality of smoke inhalation over the actual heat/flame itself.

    I strongly suspect that the sad stories we see on the news about people who rush into burning buildings to rescue loved ones, who fail and die, are possibly the result of not being able to effectively anticipate or counter these apparently lesser-known mechanics of fire.

      • Mm. Me, I’d do it in action sequences! Like… letting you open a door in a burning building – like god knows how many Call of Duty set-pieces – and let you choose doors, and a NPC will warn, “Nah man, door’s hot to the touch, let’s look elsewhere or we’ll get blown out by a backdraft.” Let the PC open if they choose, after being warned, and get swallowed in flame. 🙂

    • We did fire safety in primary school, the local fire brigade staff would run it, they definitely covered what to do in a house fire. I guess it’s not very compelling, though!

      • Yeah, and as far as I know, most fire safety courses – quite rightly – don’t cover how to be a damn hero and pull someone out of burning buildings, but rather the intial stages: control with fire extinguishers/hoses where possible or prudent (small, manageable fires as they start), drop/roll/cover if in imminent danger, then move to escape the danger. Though I guess they do cover the, “Don’t open hot doors while leaving,” thing.

  • “Kids buy GTA V, SAVES 70 year old man!!”

    The only way that will make headlines in major news networks is if you change one word in that, have a guess which one…

    • Ooh, is it replacing ‘Kids’ with ‘Doctor’? Or is it ‘man’ with ‘wine’?

      …Yeah, we all know which words. 🙁

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