Last Year's Superhero Movies Are Better Than This Year's. Here's Why.

This year's superhero movies? They kind of suck — well, in comparison to last year's kickass superhero movies. What gives?

According to Slacktory, last year's supherhero movies practically gave us a 10-step guide on how to be awesome! You'd think the success would be easily replicated. Really, this year's movies have no excuse.

Speaking seriously though: yeah, despite liking some of the movies highlighted here a lot, they can be pretty formulaic if not silly sometimes. But, hey. Popcorn flicks and all that.

How to make a superhero movie in 10 easy steps [Slacktory]


    On the Dark Knight Rises:

    Was it supposed to be the next day after he escapes from the hole? I never got why people complained about that scene but that's pretty egregious. I just figured people didn't consider that they had supplies in the prison

      I don't remember if the timing was mentioned in the movie specifically, but there was 3 months between the start of the uprising and the finale, I think he had at least a few weeks to get home. And he showed he was good at living off the grid at the beginning of the first movie so I don't think it's a big issue personally.

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    Gawd, the new Spiderman was so drab and boring. All it needed was some personality to interrupt the self serious tween angst soap opera.

    2015 will likely be a bigger year in geek fandom. Batman vs Superman (give Affleck a go before you discredit him, the guy is good... lets just forget DareDevil, he has done a lot better since), The Avengers 2 and Star Wars Episode VII... 3 movies, but 3 god damn massive movies.

    Man of Steel itself has enough 9/11 imagery and terrible in it to bring the whole year down.

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