League Of Legends Player Raises $106,000 For Charity In One Day

Streaming League of Legends for 13 hours nonstop was enough for Siv HD, a League of Legends player mostly known for his unorthodox gaming methods, to raise a whopping $106,000 for starving children.

Competitive gaming has seen fund raisers before — you may remember Athene’s $US1 million attempt. But to achieve a goal this big in only a few hours shows how big and generous the LoL community is.

Siv started by donating $US100 and left the rest up to his viewers on Twitch. His goal was an ambitious $US50,000, raising that sum after just 10 hours. Donations were still coming in, so he decided to raise the goal to $US77,000 and continue streaming. He reached that too. Siv then set the goal at $US100,000 and said he would keep streaming until he reached that goal or until he could not stay awake any longer. By the time he finally signed off to go and sleep, the donations had reached $US106,000 after a total of a little over 12 hours of streaming.

You can find the whole event archived on Siv’s Twitch channel. The moment where he reaches $US100,000 is around the 5:39 mark.

Siv HD Massive Charity Event [Twitch — Thanks Michael Haslinger!]


  • I think it’s important to note that this guy is not a professional League of Legends player, just a regular member of the community who has gained somewhat of a following as an entertaining streamer, sometimes uploading funny videos of gimmicky strategies to his Youtube channel. I think this makes his achievement all the more impressive 🙂

  • Wow is that all….

    A bloke called Wagamama streamed for 40hours non stop for charity,,, he’s also done it twice too. However i’m not too sure on what he made for charity and if the second one was for charity also.

  • From that thumbnail, it looks like his 13 hour session was powered by meth, and not that trailer park stuff either, that Heisenberg special.

    • Except the lack of pupil dilation, and without that its just a guy that looks like he’s had a late night.

      Plus if you watch the video he doesnt exhibit any symptoms like dry mouth, chewing/teeth grinding and talks at a normal rate.

      • Depends on the person really, but 12 hours is a pretty average gaming night, or some people’s daily wow efforts on occasion it’s a movie marathon, not dissing the result just the time spent playing does not seem that spectacular

  • can u guys stop questioning ,m sure u guys never did anythin for charity , just here to question people and doubt their methods … sigh … u people suck

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