Leaked Grand Theft Auto V Map Is Massive

Leaked Grand Theft Auto V Map Is Massive

The internet was hard at work at trying to piece together Grand Theft Auto V’s map based on snippets of information, like trailers. But now the mystery is over. The Los Santos map was leaked today thanks to a copy of a GTA V guide on Reddit, found by neoGAF user Pandemic. SPOILERS FOLLOW!

Here is the map.

Leaked Grand Theft Auto V Map Is Massive

According to Rockstar, the GTA V map is bigger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto IV combined.

(Via neoGAF, Reddit)


  • But is it bigger than Just Cause 2? – doesn’t look like it.
    but that’s certainly not a bad thing.

  • I don’t feel great about there being only one ‘city’ type area, but that is the only thing against about 9000 things I do feel great about.

  • Please be better than 4, please be better than 4…

    San Andreas is one of the greatest games of all time. 4 was one of the most overhyped average games in history. They made up for it when they released Red Dead, so I’m hoping the trend continues.

    • Considering they brought the fun and ridiculous back that San Andreas had, it will be better immediately.

    • My thought EXACTLY, it’s why I haven’t pre-ordered and am gonna wait it out to see what the reviews are like.

    • Rockstar have been involved in some great games since GTA IV, which I didn’t enjoy, it just wasn’t… fun. Too serious with a boring character in my opinion. But anyway, they published LA Noire which was a great story, as well as Red Dead which has great gameplay AND story. Haven’t played Max Payne but I’m sure it was decent.

  • Red dead map isn’t really that big its just the way of getting around that takes time. I remember san andreass I would always use the Harrier or jet pack to get around. That was fun lol

    • Except the harrier would travel too fast for the ground to render, so you’d hit a powerline you’d not seen before ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hrmm.. The Airport and Port take up quite large areas.. and generally those areas have not been high in content or detail in previous games.

    One good thing I see there is at the north of the city there appears to be some outlying suburbs. I think San Andreas had these to a lesser extent and I seem to remember being able to do “break and enters” into those sort of houses.. hopefully this kind of thing will be possible again in GTA5.

    Would like to see some side-by-side, to-scale comparisons of the previous games’ maps to put it all into perspective.. San Andreas felt large when it came out.. but that was mainly due to the way the map was designed. It was rather large for that generation. In any case.. yeh.. bring on the comparison images.

    • When you do get a look at the Imgur image (as well as some comparison images above) you’ll get a better sense of the scale and size. The main city area is somewhat larger than Liberty City alone, and even then it only takes up around 30% of the entire map. I’m loving the variety in areas particularly (Liberty City was a coffee-stained, same-same city, whereas San Andreas offered county, city, suburb and desert areas.

      Oh, and let’s not forget that the entire ocean floor will be explorable. This detail actually kinda slipped my mind upon first reading this article, but that’s actually pretty significant. We have a rather large map full of diverse areas including an entire ocean floor to discover. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      • Well Rockstar did say, back in June, that it was going to be bigger than RDR, GTAIV and San Andreas combined.. it’s just hard to tell without an official side by side at the correct scales etc

    • Altis is near 400km squared. Stratis is 23km Squared.

      Now while this map will be big its no going to be as big as Altis or Panau

      • True.. but you don’t necessarily want a game like GTA to take 30 to 60 minutes to drive from one end to the other.. it’s not a sim, it’s supposed to be fun and action and all that ๐Ÿ™‚

        I was just thinking, if it was roughly 15km from north to south (taking into account that the roads aren’t straight and you’re not really driving from tip to tip).. that’s 15 minutes at 60km/h.. of course people don’t drive that slow in these games.. so let’s say somewhere around the 3 to 5 minute mark to get from the furthest place to the other place. That’s quite a long time for a game like this.. any more and it might get annoying for non-sim fans.. I think they’ve found a good balance.. but we’ll just have to wait and see ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Is this it though? I’ve read a few interviews with Houser where he hinted at DLC that might include San Fierro. He could have been yanking our chains, but if he wasn’t, and this map is legit, right now I don’t see how it could be integrated with the existing island map without being another island itself.

    But again, that’s assuming he wasn’t taking the piss…

    • That’s entirely possible.. there’s no reason why there couldn’t be an island that you have to fly to so it is a separate instance. In the other images that have been pieced together of the map, they show a little island off to the south-west of the main island as well, which is suspiciously absent from this map.

      • Pretty much this. Look at how things were done for something like World of Warcraft. They added a lot of new landmasses, difference there is that the landmasses were present for everyone, they just places blocks to stop people from accessing the content if they didn’t have the packs (ie transportation)

    • Just buy a PS3. They are cheap now. You are not going to get any sympathy from anyone and you are only denying yourself waiting for the PC version which I would think will come out AFTER a next-gen console release of GTA V

      • I already own a PS3.
        But all my mates who I intend to play the multiplayer with are gonna be waiting for the PC version & I’m not gonna buy the same game twice.

        • Fair enough. They say they will wait but when the whole world is having fun see how long they wait

        • I’m a R* fanboy i suppose, but I’m definitely going to buy at least 3 licenses for this game. 360(collectors edition already fully paid)/next gen(possibly a license for both ps4 and x1 to play with both irl friends communities)/PC(for crazy mods). That is if/when they release for those platforms.

          GTA games only came 2 times this gen and I got IV for pc and 360. Still play both weekly minimum.

  • Another thing I noticed is that there are a lot of missing roads on this map.. if you compare the map to some of the screenshots, particularly the one with the Vinewood sign, you can see more roads and features in the screenshot than the map is showing. Of course the map is not going to show every tiny blade of grass.. but there are definitely missing roads.. so it’s really hard to determine the true scale of this compared to other games.

    • Even looking at the image in full resolution it’s tricky to see some of the smaller roads so I think there’s going to be a LOT we can’t see on the map.

      Glad to see some smaller towns littering the place, the regional areas were some of my favourites in San Andreas.

    • Yeah I was thinking that. But if we take it at ‘scale value’ then those roads on the map are about 100m wide. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • the darker shaded parts of the water on the map must be the underwater sections which look pretty huge as well

  • The thing that sticks out to me is that the urban area seems to be a similar shape and layout to the Los Santos of old

  • Oh man… I was going to hold out for the PC release.. but the more I look, the more I want… the PS3 is currently sitting in the moving box where it has sat for the last few months.. but I might just be soon convinced to get it out… *sigh*..

  • Mount Chiliad is back. Spent countless hours driving various vehicles off the top of that Mountain in San Andreas. Stoked.

  • I wounder if it truely big in terms of space to player or if its more just big like gta IV was big (ie more complicated stuff in a small area but not actually bigger then SA). The true test is will it take a player long to dive from one side to the other then in gta: SA.
    I remember when I found out that IV didnt have a player controllable plane in it because it would run out of flight space to fast. That said it looks impressive. Shame theres no secondary cities like the 3 cities of SA.

  • Maybe it’s island 1 of many? Like most Rockstar games, you can only run around on 1 island to begin with then the map opens up.

    Bonkers if I’m right.

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