Let’s See How ‘HD’ The Homeworld Remakes Really Are

Let’s See How ‘HD’ The Homeworld Remakes Really Are

While Blackbird go changing the letterhead of their strategy game from Hardware: Shipbreakers to Homeworld: Shipbreakers, publishers Gearbox are working on their own games in the franchise, namely the HD remakes of the two main Homeworld games. Let’s see how they’re getting along.

At the studio’s PAX panel earlier today, some images were shown comparing the appearance of the game’s ships in their original incarnation with how they’re looking today.

I know, these are photos of a screen on a stage, but you can still see the progress. Looking sharp (if also a bit more “cel-shaded”).

Let’s See How ‘HD’ The Homeworld Remakes Really Are


  • it doesn’t look hires from the screenshots.. it just looks like the texture artist grabbed a felt-tip and went to town.

  • I’ve recently booted up an old copy of homeworld 2 and didnt find the old textures too bad.
    So I’m keen to this release.
    An update to the explosions and particles should make the game look better too.
    Any improvement and a way to add the games to my steam library is very welcome.

    • The Steam library point is interesting. I wonder how many people are going to be trying out their old CD keys to see if they still work, then complaining when they don’t…

      Me, I don’t mind buying those entries in the franchise again. Bit disappointing that Cataclysm won’t be included because to my mind that was the best one.

  • It’s hard to tell if they’re any better or just slightly altered considering those 2 pics up there are pretty lo-res in themselves :/

    Hoping the update is done awesomely. Homeworld was an amazing game and I’d have no problem playing it again!

  • Loved homeworld!! If you can grab it with tugs, I had it. It sure is a great feeling to commandeer 160 ion cannon frigates.
    “You may fire when ready”

    Cataclysm: loved it.
    Homeworld 2 – good game, star wars warlords mod made it immortal for me.

    • Omg first time I fired that up and we had SSDs flinging shots at each other for days…. Was amazing! I think we managed to crash a damn powerful rig that had been built 4 years after the game had been put out haha.

    • Hahaha Yeah. I know this impulse.

      In the original Homeworld I captured every single one of those multi-beam frigates, the ones with 4 ion cannons. The ending was epic. STILL wasn’t able to smash through that mission where you had to break into that huge sphere of ion cannon frigates.

      • That’s the bit where you approach the sphere with a single fighter, with a carrier nearby. When you see a few coming for you, move away towards your carrier and capture them one by one. You need about 12 tugs for this and some time. The frigates will ignore your carrier and your tugs and will only focus on your fighter.
        The carrier only serves as a capture base, so your tugs don’t haul them back all the way to your mothership. There are about 160 ion cannon frigates in that sphere.
        The 2nd last mission with the huge asteroid took me less than 20 sec of concentrated fire to blast the rock.

        • Jeez. I had heard of that strategy. But I never attempted it because of how long it would take. I took the approach of having multiple cloak generators and several multi beam frigates. Activate each cloak in sequence so that the frigates were always cloaked. Works like a charm.

  • The textures of HW2 aren’t that bad. I still love playing the game even today.

    Those new textures look pretty sweet though, can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  • i seriously hope the HD remake increases the quality of colored background, ideally supporting more than just 8bit per color component (10bit would be ideal) …
    cause it was so badly color banding ;(

    object drawing distance was problem too …
    longer ship and missile trails …

    btw. the textures don’t look HD to me … just like contrast and sharpness applied to them …
    where is micro detail?
    using JPG compression don’t help either to see difference

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