Let's Watch The Opening Of Lightning Returns And Make Oooo Noises

Square Enix has lost a substantial amount of mojo over the years, but its ability to create spectacular cinematic game openings remains intact. Watch it open the hell out of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

It's not in English, but you don't really need to know Japanese to get what's going on here. Lightning has returned, with her namesake flashing behind her in case there were any doubts. She meets up with Snow, who seems to be taking himself more literally these days as well.

A Stargate opens and goa-uld pour out. Lumina shows up instead of Daniel Jackson (I was hoping for Jackson), and Snow makes an ice sculpture.

As far as I am concerned, only one thing could make this opening cinematic better.


    What, you couldn't be bothered taking the twenty seconds to get the English opening? Top quality journalism here. The link, for those who are interested:


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