It’s The Details That Count In GTA V

Little things mean a lot in Grand Theft Auto V: YouTuber GermanScientistTV noticed that the flip-flops actually flip and flop in GTAV, which set him off in search of other small nice-to-have details in the game.

Anything else you’ve noticed?


  • I’ve seriously lost track of the number of times I’ve gone “OMG I can’t believe they’ve added that little detail” in this game. From the backfire of cars lighting the fuel to the vast number of easter eggs scattered around everywhere.

  • They have put an enormous amount of effort into this game.
    Even if you dont notice these things you will subconciously and therfore you will be way more immersed then ever.

  • When you do a hill start in a car it rolls backward slightly first just like a real manual car does.
    That impressed me.

  • The ‘mission music’ that sometimes comes on when you’re doing a mission or side event on foot, 80s-tough-guy kinda music, however there’s no specific/singular option to disable it.

    You get to use the scuba air tank outside of the diving related mission (trying not to spoil) when using the scuba outfit (tank is not shown in wardrobing, but you get it when you exit dinghy). The game doesn’t mention this, and the use is contrary to most other situations where R* code something to work only during a mission (which is what they’ve done a lot again this time around sadly).

    Car engines making the ‘tinking’ noise after you exit them.

    • Yeah that music is so epic at some points. Or when you get in to a car after a mission and the radio just seems to be on the right track. It was the mission where Michael’s family leaves him and I get in the car to hear Chicago’s – If you leave me now on the radio. That was awesome.

  • I was swimming near a pier, I got out of the water and this guy was running along the pier exercising. He stopped, got out his mobile phone and rung someone. He had a conversation about ‘beating their record’, then went back to his running. I thought maybe it would loop, but no. He ‘beat their record’, then finished up, walked off, got into a nearby car and drove off???

    It was just the sheer concept that someone programmed that to happen in such a huge game that blew my mind.

  • Love that after nightfall, the interior car lights turn on when you open the door.
    One time, I got in and drove off quickly and the door was banging open and shut as I went around corners, and the interior lights would go on and off accordingly each time. Awesome.

  • Some things I noticed.

    I parked too close to another car and when I opened my door it hit the neighbouring car and its alarm went off. It even left a scratch.

    When you switch icons on your phone, the actual phone your character holds shows the same thing. When you take a selfie and you’re deciding to keep it, the selfie is also mapped onto the screen of the phone your character is holding.

    Driving head first into traffic, one car flashed its headlights at me.

    Walking down the street with Franklin, some dude sized me up, Franklin puffed out his chest in response as I walked passed him.

    When characters are talking during a car ride, they fully animate, looking at each other and using body language that you’ll probably never be able to see.

    When swimming underwater I saw some kind of pipeline on the ocean floor. It was covered in seaweed me algae.

    • “Driving head first into traffic, one car flashed its headlights at me”

      The version I have seems to go a little beyond this – because after flashing their headligths at me, the same car will proceeed to drive HEAD FIRST into my car, slowing my progress

      Interesting they programmed them to flash light, but not to swerve out of your way…

  • I jumped into a spa with Francis wearing pants. His pants only got wet up to the water line.
    Stayed wet to that point for a while until he dried off.

  • If you fire a weapon the acoustics are fully modelled, so you can hear the deeper sound echo back and if there is a dirt bank or something closer the echo will be much louder from that location

  • I only noticed today that when you are unarmed while driving and you press shoot, you give the finger, and now every time I get into a car, I’m firmly holding down the shoot button while driving…

  • Wow I didn’t know you could launch boats, right dpad I’m guessing? I’ve just drowned the tow car to launch a boat so far lol.

  • It blow my mind when just before the phone receives a text/rings in the car, the phone interfaces with the speakers, like that buzzing static noise old school tv’s made before your phone went off!
    I seriously thought that was so amazing i forced everyone in the house to hear about it.
    That and the amount of effort put into the in-game tv shows this time round!

  • I took Lamar out drinking as Trevor and the cops chased us as I drunkenly drove away from the bar. Lamar stuck his arm out the window and flipped the cops off. I laughed hard.

    One thing I am surprised is missing was dynamic vehicle exiting that was added in Sleeping Dogs. IN GTA if you have a car wedged so the doors can’t open your dude just teleports outside it. In Sleeping Dogs, you’ll actually kick out the windshield and climb out that way. I was amazed when I first saw that happen, and the absence of it in GTAV is a little bit surprising given how much detail they’ve paid to things that people are unlikely to notice.

  • Detail – when you’re driving a vehicle on a dirt road/track, reversing the car kicks up dirt from the back to the front. Not just when you accelerate forward. It looks extremely realistic too.

  • When you park any vehicle you’ve just driven/ridden you can hear the engine clicking and tinking as it cools like you do IRL.

  • I remember in San Andreas you could press left or right on the D-Pad to reply either postively or negatively to NPC’s and sometimes they would try fight you. I’ve noticed in V you just press right on the D-Pad when npc’s talk to you and again, sometimes they will try fight you! I love this feature as I’ll often dodge there first punch and counter with a knife slash!

  • $269 for a Ps3 Console. $89 for GTA5.

    Beats buying a new video card and waiting the many many months to actually play it.

  • When you have the dual prop helicopter, u can access the hook beneath it. Playing online, I ended up in a world with 8 lifted truck owners. They were all mud bogging and driving through rivers. A few got stuck but not damaged. But I lifted them out of thier places haha.

    I also likethe rainbow ring around the sun.

    The conversations people have just walking around are endless. Never heard a repeat and makes wonder if we were omnipresent in the world would someone else be saying the same thing.

    When we speak into our mics online our moths move.

    When someone fires ashot from around the corner, it sounds the exaxt distance and the echo is flawless. I use the ps3 sony pulse, and pulse elite headsets. Gets you deep into the game lol. I have the ps3 version.

  • When you fly your hellicopter into the sun, the glare on the propellers are angled directly and colored exactly. Your car pulles to the right if the right side tires are flat haha. You get scars..

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