Looks Like Pokémon Announcements Are Blasting Off Again

Looks Like Pokémon Announcements Are Blasting Off Again

The Pokémon Company has teased us with even more news about something Pokémon-related. The official Pokémon Twitter account tweeted around noon today:

"Heads up, Trainers! We've got a surprise for you! Tune in Monday at 8 a.m. PDT for a special announcement!"

With exciting news like Pokémon Bank and scads of other details about Pokémon X & Y already out in the wild, I wonder if this will even be related to the upcoming games, or if it's more franchise expansion. Alternatively, it could be that The Pokémon Company has decided that they have too much money and would like to announce a free-to-play Pokémon title.

Looks Like Pokémon Announcements Are Blasting Off Again

No bad ideas in brainstorming, right? Any more plausible predictions?

Pokémon "Special Announcement" Coming On Monday [Siliconera]

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    How about giving us a Pokemon that is NOT in a Nintendo device...

      There's already been plenty of articles on why they would never do that.

      Last edited 15/09/13 2:43 pm

    technically they do have that weird pokemon app on iOS I heard quite a while ago. but as far as their real games, never gonna happen mate. I think Nintendo owns quite a bit of their stock so...nope!

    Last edited 15/09/13 2:03 pm

      Haha, Nintendo owns a liiiiitttttle bit more than "quite a bit of their stock". They may be a separate company, but they are still completely owned and run by Nintendo.

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