Looks Like Tony Abbott, Our New Prime Minister, Is In A Video Game

Thank you Reddit for this. Thank you so much. Shortly after the election over the weekend, Reddit user Tendos posted this. Everyone: this is clearly our Prime Minister elect, Tony Abbott,

Think about it. Just think about it. Outlast, the game this screenshot is taken from, was released last week. Our election week. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Australia's Opposition leader Tony Abbott makes a surprise appearance in Outlast. [Reddit]


    Can I upvote this article?


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      Is evry one blind??, Tony abbot ISGanondorf! Look at the ears.

        Kinda does, but kinda doesn't.

          Hes going to turn parliment house into his floating fort to....

    Imagine if someone did a similar post like this for ex-PM Julia Gillard? I imagine you'd have brandished that as sexist, Mark? Or at least given a guest editorial spot to one of your feminist chronies to write about how bad gaming culture is?

    How is this vindictiveness any different?

    Way to politicise Kotaku.

      I'm not politicising Kotaku at all. I just thought this was funny. You're taking this in a weird direction.

        Considering I grew up with this stuff on national TV:

        I find it hard to find one fairly good likeness in a videogame being a "problem".

        I nom you for noms, even though it's a wasted vote. Something something Saturday's election something something.

          I miss "Rubbery Figures". I've been seeing it recently on FF late at nights.
          I think a modern day version would be awesome. So much material!

        pity this is only a torso shot i bet the full body image has red speedos on

        Featuring Hobson as Kevin Rudd.

      I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume this is a joke.

      The fact that you actually use the term "feminist chronies" pretty much tells me and everyone else everything we need to know about you.
      Kindly piss off.

      No... chances are Kotaku would have posted up that amusing nugget and we all would be doing the same thing - having a good chuckle at the coincidence.

      The same way we laugh when we see a random famous person look a like in any media.

      It was *your* post that made it politicised in the first place...

    There's no proof of this until we see the budgie smugglers.

      Dang you beat me to it.

      Yes, can't be Tony until we see the budgie smugglers.

      In the game he's fully naked just standing around with his junk out calmly discussing which of your organs he is going to eat.. a new Liberal party policy maybe?

      Why do you think he is in prison, he was smuggling budgies

    Holy shit, I hate waking up and remembering that somehow the majority of our country wanted this *u**head as our leader.
    So disappoint.

      The majority of the country actually *didn't* want him as our leader.....

      They majority of the country just didn't want Rudd [and/or ALP] as the leader.

      First rule of Democratic elections. The public don't vote governments in, they vote governments out.

      **I would like to flag this post as completely non-partisan. I'm not making an opinion one way or another about any candidate or party, just simply stating the facts from the election itself.

    Tony Abbott after failing to stop the boats its seems.

    I'm out. Cutting out all gaming websites that are putting up trash like this.

    Way to go Kotaku, thought you were better than this :/

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      Take it easy -- all different types of stuff goes up on Kotaku. We have in-depth articles, breaking news, and stupid little asides like this. Some of it may not be for you, but it doesn't mean you have to have a hissy fit.

        Heya Mark.
        I hope one or two over reactors does not stop you from doing something like this again. It is very Aussie to take the piss. I don't think I have ever regretted clicking on any of your articles. If anything, this one is going on facebook. :)

        I'm gonna go with neither side on this, because I'm not going to read any of this.

      Your lack of humour will be missed.
      No, wait, the other thing.

      Wow. If you cut out websites like this, you must be new to the internet. I assume your list of gaming websites you visit must just number less than one.

    Someone needs to make an Outlast mod where they cover up all the monster dongs with budgie smugglers

    These comments. . Oh my, some of these dweebs must have been living on the moon if some type of political satire in the media is such a shock as to send them into a knee jerk spazz out. DEATH. TAXES. POLITICAL SATIRE IN YOUR NEWS SOURCE OF CHOICE.

    With all this negativity, I feel this has to be said.
    This snippet is amusing and I never would have seen it if it weren't for Kotaku. Those other people just have no sense of humour. My mother laughed at it and I'm sure most others did too.
    Keep up the good work, Mark.

    Dear lord, an Australian Games blog making links between Australian politics and GAMES? Surely you jest!

    PS: Saw that on Tumblr and had to close the door since I was laughing way too loud!

    Showed my mum.

    After saying it looked me and some minor prompting she laughed.....and called it gross.

    I think a few people are over reacting just a tad.

    I had to SERIOUSLY bite my tongue to avoid bursting out laughing and getting some weird looks in the computer lab!

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    What a great country we live in, where you can post a picture like this about your prime minister and get nothing but praise where as in other countries, they would give you a long jail sentence or death penalty for disrespecting.

      Freedom of speech and of the press FTW!

        The coolest thing is that we don't technically have 'freedom of speech', we just don't have laws to prevent it! :D

          We have freedom of opinion though.

      Just out of curiosity, were you protesting people being disrespectful of Julia Gillard?

        I don't think @boozle's comment is a protest. Just pointing out that we're really lucky to be able to mock our leaders without going to jail or being executed.

        Well kinda, didn't like her one bit but she still was the prime minister, but yeah just saying we live in a great country that we can do that sort of thing.

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          Fair call. Nobody was saying we don't, though.

          Though I found it hard to have respect for the man when he came to my attention a decade or more ago. Changing job doesn't make him a different person.

    So Kevin was made to look like Klink from a 60's sitcom and Tony looks like someone more up to date. It a plus :)

    I'd prefer to vote for Screenshot Abbott, because at least I've got an idea of what he's thinking, and up to.

    Had to sign up and stop lurking just to say that this is incredibly puerile, base and lowbrow and I'd expected better from Kotaku. Anyone with half an iota of savvy can tell that this is a loaded article designed not in fact to highlight a humorous visual relationship between a video game character and a politician (see: "Everyone: this is clearly our Prime Minister elect, Tony Abbott.") but is in fact an article designed and written with the intention of venting the author's juvenile hatred of said politician.

    Please forward this article to the political editors at any five Australian newspapers and ask them to comment on whether or not there is unfair bias. You'll get 5 responses in the affirmative.


    Edit: By the by, in case you dare to try and reverse the insinuation, for the record I have not voted during this election nor would I even if pressed. I have no horse in this race.

    Double Edit: The tenets of journalism start, much like the tablet Moses brought down from the mount, with Thou Shalt Not Let Thine Bias Influence Thine Articles.

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      Um, Mark found this on reddit, thought it was funny and decided to share it with the community.
      I don't see any political opinions in the 43 words posted there. I only see humour and jest.
      The people seeing the political side of it are reading into this too much.

      As for the papers, yes they probably will because most of them are owned by Murdoch. Also, media likes to make a shitstorm out of nothing.

      There just happens to be a monster in Outlast who looks like Tony Abbott. Someone finds it funny and posts it on Reddit. Mark finds it funny and posts it on Kotaku, so other people can also have a laugh at it.

      If you're so offended, go find a Kevin Rudd look alike and send it to Mark, I'm sure he won't have any problems with posting it.

      Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND!? 70% of this country's media is controlled by Rupert Murdoch who has a vested interest in making Abbott & the Libs to become the leader of Australia!

      These tenets of journalism don't exist in the 5 Australian newspapers that you insinuated! The folks at the Guardian AU would probably look at the pic, burst out laughing, compile an Abbott meme, maybe publish it in their satire collections and not make such a whiny yap like you.

        Isn't it 35% owned but that 35% has 70% of the actual readership.... I'm pretty sure that's the accurate figure.

        Anyway... the whole Rupert conspiracy is laughable. I voted Liberal and I don't read the Telegraph nor do I own Foxtel. I read Fairfax and watch ABC sooooo..... Tinfoil hat?

        It's a crutch to help ignore the real problem of factional infighting destroyed a government internally. They should have learnt NOT to become like NSW Labor instead of emulating it.

        I'm sure Mr Rudd loved Murdoch when he was whispering leaks about Julia's government.

      You didn't vote. You are either:
      a) not a citizen, in which case your opinion on the matter is academic.
      b) someone who dodges their civic duty, in which case you threw away your right to have an opinion and I have nothing but disrespect for you.


    The reason people get mad at your article is because of the other stuff.
    People make the correlation without really thinking. Kotaku = Man Haters.

    Looks more like the late Kerry Packer in my opinion.


    Chronies, huh? So, that would be like a brony, but really, really shiny and metallic?

    No, no, wait: Feminist Chronies --time travelling feminists who ply their awesome way about the space-time continuum, righting wrongs and smashing patriarchies in stylish steampunk gear! Coming this fall from Dark Horse - get in line now!

    ("pssst, V; he may have meant cronies but been to busy being huffy and indignant to bother with spell check "

    "naaah - if that were the case, he'd look like an idiot ..." )

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