Louis C.K. Explains Why Smartphones Are Awful, And It's Heartbreaking

Jabs about how we can't stop checking our phones are incredibly common, but that doesn't stop comedian Louis C.K. from having some hilarious, if not sad insight as to why we do it. Hint: it's not because we're happy and fulfilled.

Put that way, it's easy to see, as Louis C.K. points out on Conan, why we'd do things like put our own lives in danger by texting and driving — being alone is hard, man! We don't want to deal with that stuff if we can avoid it at all times, which is exactly what mobile phones let us do. But, if we're willing to brave it? Maybe, just maybe, we'll find something there. Or at least Louis C.K. does.


    cant watch this in aussie land btw QQ

    Can the Kotaku AU guys check if the videos are actually available to view for Aussies before bringing stuff over.

      That'd be super. Second one this week I think..

      Working link

      Last edited 21/09/13 1:24 pm

      What, you think they have someone on the payroll as an Australian editor or something?

      Oh they do?

    lol beaten by mr lobster

    Last edited 21/09/13 1:30 pm

    The ability to see the worst aspect of the new thing in the world and decide the best course of action is to write it off completely. A bit of an old fart attitude to be honest.

    Louie is a modern day philosopher/comedian hybrid. A true genius.

    Watched it. Disagree with it. Phones don't make people less empathetic. Same arguments were made against computers and consoles. Going further back same arguments were made against radio and televisions.

    I don't hate Smart phones, I do hate people who play with them instead of talking to you. Why the hell did you even invite me when you stare at your phone all the time. If your with somebody put the phone away, you do not need it out while you eat dinner.

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