Malaysian Politician Makes Crap Up, Says GTA V Is Banned In The US

Malaysian Politician Makes Crap Up, Says GTAV Is Banned in the U.S.

In Malaysia, a member of Parliament named Reezal Merican Bin Naina Merican is asking his government to ban Grand Theft Auto V due to violence. His rationale is that the United States and the United Kingdom have already banned the game. They have? Oh really?

Um, no. They have not. Courtesy of tipster Mohamad, below you can see the Malaysian TV news clip in which he apparently mentions the GTA V ban. He starts his rambly speech with Devil May Cry 3, a game that was released a million years ago, calling it anti-Islam. Yeah.

On YouTube, the politician is being criticised for being totally wrong. And a dummy.

According to Kotaku reader Mohamad, gamers are often portrayed in a negative light in Malaysia. Politicians prefer to blame video games for the country's rising crime rate, instead of a lacking educational system and an uneven distribution of wealth.

(Buletin Utama) Permainan Video Hina Islam [[email protected] — Thanks Mohamad!]


    He confused U.S with Australia, and banned with 'soon to be banned' if my pessimistic brain proves once again to be true.

      Erm... no gtav wont ever be banned here.

        Perhaps, but I still remember the butchering of 3 and Vice City. The former of which was pulled from shelves for several months. All it takes is for one politician or family group to say "take another look" and we're fucked. We have an R rating, but it's not comparable to international standards.

          Because they exceeded the ratings at the time of sexualised violence and sexual depiction. They dont now.

    Depends on which board members are looking at it. And it's the drugs that will kill it this time. Think about it, Franklin can buy a marijuana business that brings in profit to the player. 2 people on the review panel to take that as "drugs as a reward" and you can add a big fat C to that R

      except that it's a legitimate business in the real world that the game is based on.

    Am I the only one who thinks it's suspicious that this guy has the word Merican twice in his name? Merican, f*#k yeah!

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