Mega64 Knows What's Better Than 7 Seconds Of Vine

The limitations of Vine resulted in a lot of smart ideas, but what if those seven seconds are reduced even more? Here's Mega64's Grape. Mega64: VINE IS DEAD [RoccoB64, YouTube]


    uhh was this supposed to be funny.

      I got a laugh out of it. But this is really weird, I don't get it. How could I find it funny, yet you don't? That's like totally bizarre! It doesn't make any sense at all, you'd think that because you didn't find it funny then I would either, or you'd think that if I found it funny then you would find it funny too. This whole conundrum just doesn't make any sense at all. Seriously, it's a real mystery.

    Gergo laugh. Gergo make funny. Gergo smash puny humans!

    Something About Mary... seven minute abs.

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