Mentally Challenged Man Beaten For His GTA V (Happy Ending Follows)

Rohan Dawkins (on the left), from Delray Beach, Florida, is a student at a local ACCESS program for adults with intellectual disabilities. Having saved up money from his weekend job at a Home Depot he, like millions of other people around the world, was able to buy a copy of Grand Theft Auto V last week. Unlike millions of other people, though, he was robbed on his way home, punched and kicked while two people - a married couple, no less - stole his game.

Because the universe sometimes works the way it should, and makes shitty situations like this right, media coverage had locals moving fast to make amends. Dawkins already has a replacement copy, bought by one of his fellow ACCESS students, while he's had other offers of help including a GameStop saying they'll give him a collectors edition of GTA V, while another anonymous local is going to buy him an annual bus pass, since Dawkins needs to take public transport to get to and from his job.

The two suspects in the robbery, Tommy Davis and Adele Jones, have since been arrested after being identified on CCTV footage.

Rohan Dawkins Grand Theft Auto V robbery update: Victim given a new video game after his was stolen [WPTV]


    Beaten up over a video game?


      Clearly that couple have been playing too much GTA. See what video games are doing to our kids!? SEE!

        I don't see any children involved. Only scumbag adults who should know better.

      Yep, sadly, even after all this time, humanity still has people who think the best way to get something someone else has is to resort to violence.

        It's also the best way to resolve our philosophical disputes!

        ...Such as you having something I want.

          How is wanting something a philosophical dispute?

            At the core, I hold it to be a deeply held belief that the stuff you have... belongs to me. :)

            It's an excuse. For me to take your stuff.

        Like if you want a car to get around in, you should just steal one (harming or killing the current occupant)? Of course we don't do that but wouldn't it be awesome if they made a video game where that was such a central premise that it's practically inconsequential?

    A married couple attacking a person like that.

    Just when you think some have gone as low as they can go, those people in question find a shovel.

      To be honest, I really don't understand what the point of calling out that they're married is in this article. It's two people, the fact that they're married, in a defacto relationship, gay, African American, etc is pretty irrelevant.

        I think it the perception that married people are generally more mature.

    Glad they caught the bastards. Big Brother comes in handy sometimes.

    Good stuff! If this happened in Australia, I'd have given him my copy too without a second though. Poor guy.

    LOL its funny how the author mention "Rohan Dawkins (on the left)" coz in that photo the guy on the right also looked Mentally Challenged lol

      Not sure if stupid...

      Also, no. It's not funny. Every article with two people in the image specify who the main focus of the article is. That's what captions are for. At least these two people are trying to be a productive part of society, unlike the two that robbed him.

    Wha WHAT!!!!
    Now how are the news networks gonna explain that???
    Blame GTA IV I suppose

      Seriously that you?

        I dont think so but I have been wizz-fizz since the mid 90's

    Poor guy. At least things have turned out alright for him, but I'm guessing he's probably going to be a little paranoid from now on. F'ing a-holes. What makes this worse though, is that the "people" who robbed him probably have or will breed. I can only imagine what their children are/will be like with such wonderful role models.

    One of the suspects looks like a character from the GTA franchise.

    apart from him going through being robbed, a feel good story. Community gets behind someone wronged and the shitheads doing it will hopefully get their just desserts

    I think it's obvious that we need to ban the sale of video games to married couples.

    Poor dude! I hope he gets his collectors edition.

    It's horrible that he was targeted specifically but on the upside, good on those who decided to help a fellow in need. Best to focus on the good instead of the bad.

    If he is mentally challenged then perhaps he has a mental age of a person much younger, perhaps under 18+ and should not have the game in the first place.
    Could have saved him a beating.

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