Microsoft Bought But Totally Forgot About Some Other Domains...

Today we found out that Microsoft has purchased the '' domain name. Currently it simply redirects to an Xbone search on 'Bing' but we have no idea what Microsoft's plans for the domain are at this point (maybe Microsoft is trying to boost Bing's traffic numbers). But while it was buying domains, maybe Microsoft should have explored some of the other domains out there...

Let's start with A simple website with a simple message and a simple definition...

I had no idea that 'xbone' had become a verb. Is there anything this word can't do? is a bit more straight laced. It's a genuine website that attempts to collate all the news about the Xbox One console. Maybe Microsoft should just leave this one alone. Seems to be pretty helpful. It's a simple site, but the design is clean and it looks nice! is my personal favourite, a nicely put together little parody put together by Amy Flower at Gameblip that takes the mickey out of Microsoft's attitudes towards indies and self-publishing.

Oh, and just a heads up while I've got you: don't bother trying, especially if you're on your work computer or in the near vicinity of minors... if you know what I mean. I took the bullet so you don't have to.

(Psst... it's a harcore porn site)

Yeah, I'm totally subtle.


    Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if they were trying to drive up Bing Traffic. They already do it on sites like 9msn where some "news" stories are actually links to Bing searches.

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      I believe they did it to stop someone else getting it. Major Nelson did say that he thought the nickname was disrespectful to all the employees which had spent so much time making the thing, that for it to get reduced to a nickname like that which people use with contempt was just wrong.

        Welcome to the real world. The consoles and their respective companies have been copping nicknames for freaking years without issue, but now he is defending the poor developers? Bullcrap, it's a redirect to a bing search, why not a redirect to the actual site? yeah, because it;s to drum up Bing numbers

    Thanks kotaku that was an exceptionally well written article...

    *mark gets caught looking at porn at work*
    - Research... duh!!!
    -ON WHAT?!
    - Xbox One's Market penetration!

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      Market penetration? More like cuckolding, amirite?

      Ah, console wars.

        Reply fail below, my man! :D
        Nice one, though.

          "In this illustrative video, the woman is an analogy for the consumers, and the person sitting in the corner crying is Microsoft"
          "What about the pony in the gimp mask and the octopus?"
          "They're a metaphor."
          "For what?"
          "Shut up"

          Ah, it's like French cinema classes all over again.

    So we will always be one typo away from hardcore porn then...I can see it now "Microsoft apologises for children's exposure to pornography"

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    Not sure how true this is, but I saw it this morning and it seems plausible.

    In a nutshell, most of the dev team wanted to call it the Xbox Infinity (remember the leak?), but they ended up going with Xbox One, expecting people to call it "the One".

      It's kind of cute how the people thinking that were so naive. Almost as if there's someone alive who doesn't realize that the Internet is the meanest, nastiest, most cynical place ever.

      It's safe to assume at the very least that OP saw the news and wrote a clever story with it.
      A story that probably is true, mind you.

      And it's worth a giggle, too.

    Now for someone to googlebomb so that x bone search results are mostly porn links.

    Did MS realise that the Bing search they provide has the first related search being "The Xbox One is Terrible"?

    That's.....about as clever as I'd expect MS' marketing team to be.

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