Microsoft Now Owns The Web Domain

Ever since gamers got up in arms about Microsoft’s Xbox One the nickname ‘Xbone’ has been ubiquitous, to the point where that’s the name of the console in JB Hi-Fi’s stock take system! It’s not really a positive nickname, and makes reference to the fact Microsoft has sort of botched several different aspects of the console’s prospective launch, but now Microsoft’s taking it back! They’ve actually bought the domain name ‘’.

According to Fusible, the latest WHOIS records states that Microsoft Corporation is the new owner of the ‘’ domain. But what do they plan to do with it?

For now simply directs to an Xbone search. My guess would be that Microsoft is trying to reclaim the phrase and make it a positive thing, or may prevent someone else from using the domain to create a site with negative spin towards Microsoft and the Xbox One. Regardless, I hope Microsoft puts it to good use.

Microsoft may not like “Xbone” nickname, but they just acquired [Fusible]


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