Mike Tyson Says He Can Easily Take Down 100 Players In A Chinese RPG

Mike Tyson Says He Can Easily Take Down 100 Players In A Chinese RPG

In an obvious publicity stunt,"Iron Mike" Tyson recently boasted on his Chinese blog that he could take down over 100 players in the recently released Chinese online role-playing game Xianxia Shi Jie.

Posting on his newly established Tencent micro-blog, Tyson posted his ultimatum to Chinese gamers in English.

Mike Tyson Says He Can Easily Take Down 100 Players In A Chinese RPG

It's unknown how Tyson's challenge went on Friday. However, "Iron Mike" has been creating waves of good feelings among the Chinese people.

In a promotional video that aired before his public challenge, Tyson claims he loves China and Chinese culture. He goes on to describe how he's connected to China, his adoration of Shaw Brothers movies, and how China is the homeland of Bruce Lee.

Lee's actually from Hong Kong, but that's a different story.

When Tyson launched his Chinese microblog late last month, he posted another message that drew the adoration of Chinese microbloggers. Tyson, or the person running his Sina weibo, posted a question asking who China's best boxer is.

One Chinese smart aleck posted that "Chengguan" was China's best fighter. Chengguan, or the Chinese City Urban Administrative and Enforcement Bureau, is a quasi police force that monitors Chinese cities for those violating city laws such as street peddling. Chengguan in China have been heavily criticised over the years for their sometimes brutal way of handling their duties.

Not knowing what Chengguan are, Tyson posted "Who is Chengguan? A tough man? I've never heard him."

It's unknown why, but Tyson's Sina-weibo blog seems to be offline. His Tencent one isn't. Maybe he was trying to draw up crowds to take over to his Tencent account, who knows. It's also interesting to note that the game Tyson's pushing is made by Giant, the same guys behind Glorious Mission Online.

泰森微博约战中国玩家:我一拳能打倒100个 [Tencent News]


    Think thing that popped into my head when I read this DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's song "I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson"

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