Minecraft Xbox 360 Getting Mass Effect Mash-Up DLC

Minecraft Xbox 360 Getting Mass Effect Mash-Up DLC

Minecraft is generally about exploring your very own world, hollowing it out, hoarding its resources, and building a utopia for yourself and your farm animals. That's about to change, though, with the expansion announced today.

Microsoft, Mojang and BioWare revealed in a press release this afternoon that the Mass Effect "Mash-Up Pack" for Minecraft on Xbox 360 will be released Sept. 4 for $US3.99 (or 320 Microsoft Points — wait, those are still around?).

In these new "Mash-Up" expansions — of which there will definitely be more — "worlds from other popular game franchises are fused into Minecraft's iconic pixelated form."

Minecraft Xbox 360 Getting Mass Effect Mash-Up DLC

The Mass Effect pack features a pixely recreation of the Mars Facility location from Mass Effect 3, plus Mass Effect textures and craft-able items, themed menus and UI, 36 new characters skins, and 22 music tracks. It was created by Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition developers 4J Studios.


    how pointless. cool i have a mars facility, now i can..........

    go mine and do shit i'd do anyway.

    waste of money. i love minecraft but this shits lame besides to look around.

    Last edited 02/09/13 12:21 pm

    Huh. That's pretty neat, that it's more than just a skin pack. 4J are doing a lot of fun things with the Xbox version of Minecraft, it seems.

      Yeah I looked at this and decided I may actually play it now, stopped playing it on PC a lifetime ago

    Sounds like the same thing that the LittleBigPlanet devs are doing.

    Just make the bloody mass effect 1 citadel for us to explore.

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