NBA Live Dribbles Out A First Look At Actual Gameplay

NBA Live 14 announced its launch date earlier this week — November 19, which is curious, as that is four days after the PlayStation 4 launches and still there's a PS4/NBA Live 14 launch bundle (currently sold out) due to drop on November 15.

OK, well, while we get that sorted out, here's the first look at gameplay from the next-gen sports title. We know that it's gameplay because of the "ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE" watermark in the lower left hand corner. Otherwise, you'd be forgiven for thinking it's pre-rendered video. In terms of actual gameplay, it doesn't show off much, nor does it answer whether Kyrie Irving's smooth moves are contextual or user-initiated. That's a big deal, when you consider how intricate the competition — NBA 2K14 — is in this regard.

Why haven't we seen more than this teaser yet? My guess is EA Sports is letting 2K have the spotlight with its Xbox 360/PS3 release due on October 1 — a week from Tuesday — before it begins talking about the next-gen-only NBA Live in real depth. Still, they will need to show a lot more than this once we get inside a month from the release date.


    That's legitimately a travel... awkward!

    I can't wait for it to be axed. Oops I mean released.

    ahaha I was about to right that too.... huge travel

    edit - after rewatching a couple of times not so sure it is now :/ awkward

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