Nightmare Before Christmas-Themed Minecraft Creation Is Incredible

Wow. This themed Minecraft roller coaster is not only amazing as a construction, but it also makes me want to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's the song, I think.

The coaster took two and a half months to build, and it was made on the Xbox 360. And if you like what you see, give some love to the creators, will you? Here are their YouTube channels:

WayHighMinecraftGuy Vinny8ball666 AnOldBum Nycwatcherable

DrWrebagzhoe Stampylonghead iBallisticsquid

The Night Rail Before Christmas: A Nightmare Before ChristmasMinecraft Roller Coaster [nuropsych1 via ByronicM]


    Me: Wow, I'm really enjoying this.
    Video: Well we can't have that now, can we?
    Fuckin' dubstep, ruiner of nice things.

    Dubstep aside, this is without hyperbole probably the greatest minecraft video I've seen.
    Some excellent use of that dimension we like to call the "third". All that parallax, creating motion where there is none.

    Very clever.

      In fairness though, the dubstep they used for their Beetlejuice coaster was the best wubbing I've ever heard.

    Damn, that was awesome. So much work would of went into that! This person's videos should have more views than what they have now.

    When i saw my first minecraft video, years ago, i was like, this is a interesting game, wonder if it will catch on. Well it caught on but never would have expected it to get to this level. Pretty crazy.

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