Nintendo Giving Away Wii Fit’s Sequel For Free (For A Month)

Nintendo Giving Away Wii Fit’s Sequel For Free (For A Month)

This is novel. Nintendo just announced that it will be letting people download the full version of Wii Fit U and play it for a month, without paying a cent.

The offer starts November 1, and “all users need is a Wii Balance Board and a Wii U system with a broadband Internet connection”.

Considering Wii Fit was one of Nintendo’s biggest-selling games of all time, this is a brave way to try and sell its sequel. Remember, this isn’t a demo; this is the full game, which people can use for a whole month before deciding if they actually want to pay for it or not.

It’ll be available as a free download between November 1 and January 31, with the free month kicking in from the first day the game is played.

Making things even weirder is that this is an early-mark; the retail version doesn’t go on sale until December, and the eShop version doesn’t go on sale until February.

Nintendo also took the wraps off a new peripheral for the game, called the Fit Meter (you can see a shot of it in the images below).

The Fit Meter accessory is much more than a pedometer — it’s an activity meter that tracks a wide range of everyday activity. It records not only the number of steps a user has taken, but it also takes into account the intensity of those steps — for example, was the user running or walking? The Fit Meter also measures altitude, so wearers get credit for climbing stairs or walking uphill. All of these data points combined provide users with an accurate overview of their day’s activity, including a detailed calculation of the number of calories they burned. This data can then be transferred wirelessly to Wii Fit U via the Wii U GamePad with just a touch of a button. The Fit Meter transforms users’ everyday lives into workouts, encouraging them to get active and stay active.

If this all sounds weird/confusing, head to the official site, or check out the guide below.

Nintendo Giving Away Wii Fit’s Sequel For Free (For A Month)
Nintendo Giving Away Wii Fit’s Sequel For Free (For A Month)

Here’s a whole lot more about the game from the latest Nintendo Direct:

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