Nintendo Is Shockingly Honest About A Recycled Sequel

Nintendo Is Shockingly Honest About A Recycled Sequel

This is… remarkable. Well, that’s my view of it anyway. Nintendo published a news release this morning that described FIFA 14 on the 3DS in just about the worst terms you can apply to a new sports video game.

FIFA 14 Legacy Edition delivers unmatched authenticity that reflects the current football season with updated kits and rosters but no updates to gameplay or game modes,” Nintendo said in its listing of titles available on the European eShop this week.

In other words, it’s the despised “roster update”, despite still listing for a full-price £39.99. This “Legacy Edition” will also be published for PS Vita (as well as PSP and PS3). The game’s executive producer danced around the lack of a meaningful update on the Vita when questioned about it by Eurogamer back in August.

Nintendo’s platforms have typically been the stepchildren of sports publishing, a role the company can’t possibly like, especially with FIFA 14 not releasing in any form — “Legacy Edition” or otherwise — on Wii U.

Last year, FIFA 13 on the Wii was in every meaningful sense a renamed re-release of FIFA 12, a cynical product that didn’t do anything helpful for either EA Sports’ or Nintendo’s brands.

Still, it’s eye-catching to see a news release — whether this text was written by Nintendo or supplied by EA — call out the latest edition of a sports game as only cosmetically different from its predecessor. It’s refreshingly honest, to be sure. It may also be the sign of a company fed up with EA Sports building nothing new for its hardware, but still sucking from the teat of the installation base.


  • I think you mean “and PS2” not “and PS3”, although it is amazing they still release FIFA on the PS2.

    • There is 150 million PS2s in the wild. You sell to 1% of them you have made money. It has to be selling or else they would of stopped ages ago. I think Brazil are still on the PS2

  • I think it sucks for Wii U owners who are looking for a FIFA game this year, but I hate the fact that EA treat some platforms like crap with subpar efforts.

    Personally, in the past I have quite enjoyed the mid-to-late 90s versions of the EA Sports games, from the Mega Drive onto the PSone. Beyond that I’ve only kept playing the Tiger Woods series as I like myself some golf, also wish they had a Tiger game on the Vita.

    I would love to see EA make some stripped down versions of their sports games for handheld devices, the latest NHL has a 94 Mode, for those that love that classic gameplay, give me something like that on the Vita/3DS with full season support and few other options and I would jump in. Surely the cost involved to throw something like that together wouldn’t be that much to get a return on.

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