Nintendo Reached Out To Bring Samurai Pop-Up Game To Wii U

Once upon a time, it felt like Nintendo was giving independent game developers a bit of a cold shoulder. But times have changed and the folks at the House of Mario have been bringing more and more indie games to their platforms. The latest one? A gorgeous touchscreen fable set in feudal Japan that looks like a pop-up book.

Tengami is the work of Nyamyam, the dev studio formed by a bunch of former Rare creators. In the video above, you’ll see designer Phil Tossell play through some of the papercraft-inspired title’s first level. He also talks about some of what it’s taken to bring a game developed for mobile over to the Wii U. It’s a fascinating bit of insight as to how Nintendo deals with smaller third-party game-makers, wrapped in a soothing bit of playable origami.


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