No, This Next-Gen RPG Isn't Called 'Wonder F**k'

No, This Next-Gen RPG Isn't Called

Level-5, known for the Professor Layton series, is inching closer to releasing their next big multi-platform project, Wonder Flick. However, some people are not quite sure about the name.

Over at NeoGAF, in a thread discussing the game's most recent trailer, forumgoer Log4Girlz pointed out that the font used in Wonder Flick's title card allowed a much more unsavoury read of the name — hilarious, but unfortunate, considering Wonder Flick's apparent child-friendliness.

In case you were wondering, the game's Android/iOS versions will be dropping in Japan in November. The PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Wii U versions are expected next year, also only in Japan. Hopefully by then all this flicking awful confusion will be cleared right up.

ワンダーフリック PV [Source Video from YouTube] Cannot Unsee [NeoGAF]

Top picture: Gergő Vas


    I see it, but it doesn't jump out as being f**k to me. maybe if it was like 50x50 pixels or something, but i read flick everytime when I see that title..

      Yeah. If anything they've done really well to choose a font that DOESN'T do that. Unlike the classic Megaflicks.

      Yeah I can't see it either and the letters are fairly decently spread apart. Maybe you need to tilt your head a certain way or something.

      I agree. If the font was Sans Serif though, the L and I would look more like a U when side by side.

        I agree too. Dont really notice it. But personally I reckon they should have used Helvetica Bold...

    this article would've been like 10x funnier if it had been written by a CLINT

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