Nobody Trash Talks Quite Like DOTA Players

Hearing someone say your mother [verb] [noun] is pretty common in gaming, but this clip, of some in-person DOTA gloating, is on a whole other level.

For one, it's in the flesh. And also, it's amazing.

The dude in the yellow shirt giving the rare lean-in double bird is the best.

DOTA Trash talk [YouTube, via @taylorcocke]


    Trash talk? I heard another language that had no translated subtitles. I don't know what they said.

    Or you could have used the clip where a player paused a show match and did his character's taunt in front of the guy he just killed.

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      Given that this was an exhibition match and that he was taunting Puppey who's actually a teammate in most other circumstances, I don't really think this is really that valid when it comes down to how personal the trash talking can get...

        It's a damned sight more entertaining than a group of people yelling at each other for a few minutes.

        Plus, who doesn't love Dendi?

          His name is Dendi? I always called him Little Green. Thought he would have said something about that.

    this clip makes about the same amount of senses that Dota 2 does

      Looks like DOTA 1 though, mate.

        never played it or seen anything of dota 1 so i cant comment on that

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